Tough Mudder Yorkshire 2023

What can we say about Tough Mudder Yorkshire that hasnt already been said?

Mud? ✅ 
Rain? 🌧️🌦️🌧️🌥️🌧️

As you may see from the video, the weather was really changeable (and very windy). Love the hills of Yorkshire (sort of) and Tough Mudder uses that one big hill probably little too much 🤣🤣🤣

Welcome return to Tipping Point on course and it looks like lumberjacked and stairway to heaven now look like main stays. The mud? Oh my god, Kiss of Mud was just the beginning, but Mud Mile (from saturday afternoon and sunday) is just as sloppy, gloopy and slippy as always – which meant Hydrophobia (the next water obstacle) was just a mud bath too!

Love how there was an MC on the finish line (shout out to Dave Payne)

Yorkshire weekend was my first real test in the new 361 Europe Futura train show. I did over 60km across the weekend with no heat spots or blisters. The awesome cushioning along with some mega grip, make these OCR ready shoes!


Video is from the 10am wave on Sunday

Tough Mudder Manchester 2023 YouTube Video

Tough Mudder Yorkshire 2023 Obstacle list

1 – Hero Walls
2 – Kiss of Mud
3 – King of the Mountain
4 – BlockNess Monster
5 – Hold your wood
6 – Cliff Hanger (15km & 10km)
7 – Hero Carry (15km & 10km)
8 – Stairway to Heaven (15km & 10km)
9 – Cry Baby (15km & 10km)
10 – Pole Dancer (15km & 10km)
11 – Walk this Way (15km & 10km)
12 – Tipping Point (15km & 10km)
13 – Hanging Tough (15km only)
14 – Twinkle Toes (15km only)
15 – Electric Eel (15km only)
16 – Augustus Gloop (15km only)
17 – Funky Monkey (15km only)
18 – Killa Gorilla (15km only)
19 – Lumber Jacked (15km only)
20 – Devils Beard (15km only)
21 – Texas Hold Em (15km only)
22 – Skid Marked (15km only)
23 – Just the Tip (15km & 10km)
24 – Cage Crawl (15km & 10km)
25 – Mud Mile
26 – Hydrophobia
27 – Birth Canal
28 – Pyramid Scheme
29 – Arctic Enema
30 – Creek Crusade
31 – Everest
32 – Mudderhorn
33 – Electroshock Therapy

Tough Mudder Yorkshire 2023 image gallery

Tough Mudder Yorkshire final thoughts

Tough Mudder Yorkshire has some big elevation, I think, this time the change in course meant additional elevation. Some awesome views at the top for those  taking on the 15km and10km courses, whilst the 5km remained relatively flat.

Big mud too, very sloppy Kiss of Mud and Yorkshire’s Mud Mile is something else – at the end of this one, it turns into a slip and slide, I was almost taken out by fellow mudder on the Saturday! 

I do enjoy the mud, but its a shame that the next water obstacles (Blockness and Hydrophobia) themselves become a mud bath – especially Hydrophobia – take a look at the video) it was really nasty on the Sunday!

Event village was small but mighty and I do feel there were a lot more spectators around the course – many with their chairs watching Everest.

Yorkshire remains a fantastic course, I just wished the sun shines a litte more!

Scores on the doors

8.3Expert Score
Elevation and Rain

Even with the great weather we have, how come it always seems to rain in Yorkshire. A very changeable weekend, however it doesnt ditract from an awesome course with some great views. I am pretty sure the course has been changed up for additional elevation gain.

Course Route
Course Obstacles
Event Village
  • MC at the finish line
  • Big Elevation Gains
  • Views of "God's own county"
  • Kiss of Mud into Bockness 💩
  • Mud Mile into Hydrophobia 💩
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  1. Hi there,
    We’ve been running together in Berlin (Klaistow) last saturday. Man, son, daughter at your side from the beginning.
    I hope you enjoyed our neighbourhood.
    Greetings and much fun in your races,


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