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Hello and welcome to my blog. You have probably come through via my love of Tough Mudder, but there’s a bit more about me, which (if you’re really interested) you can read on and learn.

Winston and me
Winston and me

I’m a Marketing Ninja by day, a weekend warrior, Brand ambassador for Tough Mudder361° & Enertor .

I have adopted a Field Spaniel called Winston and based in Cheshire. Originally from Newark, Nottinghamshire. I have a degree in Business Marketing whilst also have a black belt in Shotokahn Karate (when I was 12). Love obstacle racing (running) with my top three races being Tough Mudder, Tough Viking and Toughest Race.

I really enjoy keeping fit which mainly consists of Les Mills Body Combat, HIIT, Gym, Climbing, Running and Obstacle Racing. I do this, because I love food far too much. I started my running journey in 2016 with my first Parkrun. This was after “dabbling” in a few obstacle races and my first Tough Mudder in 2015. To help with my running, I have joined a Running club – Newcastle (Staffs) AC but really haven’t been anywhere near as much as I should be.

I now run on a regular basis (4-5 times a week) plus love “racing” whether that is the local road races, and OCR and some other races in Europe and world-wide.

My race calendar is here and I hope if we’re at the same race, we can grab a selfie!

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The blog will be irregular musings (when I remember to write, or I have something to say) and race reviews but mostly, everything I do is on Instagram – mostly selfies, racing, food and pictures of Winston. I travel a helluva lot for races and you can see where I’m next at (or where I’ve been) on my race calendar.

Fitness 361 Europe Futura – The obstacle ready trail shoe

361 Europe Futura – The obstacle ready trail shoe

Obstacle Racing dominance: Mud, walls, & ropes, meet your match: 361 Futura's obstacle-ready design powers you through the toughest OCRs.

Wil Chung