My first trail race in Hong Kong – Light 16 / Dark 45

Light 16 - Part of the Dark45 Family

Light 16 was my first race in Hong Kong and what a trail race it was. 1200m of total elevation in the 16km race.

The event was organised by The Peak Hunter – Dark45 which was itself 45km race

Light 16 ‘s route started at Shing Mum Reservoir taking on 3 peaks – Needle Hill, Grassy Hill and Tai Mo Shan. Stages 7 and 8 of the Maclehose Trail for those who know Hong Kong trails.

No elevation training to speak of, so I managed to get through it, even with 70% humidity and 30°C+ temps!

Loved the descent from Tai Mo Shan and would really appreciate it if I had fresher legs!

Light 16 - YouTube Video

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