For the past 2 years, I have been very fortunate to be apart of Team Enertor as a brand ambassador.

My Enertor Ambassador of the month post can be read at Enertor As a brand ambassador I have a discount code for people to use and get 15% off at – “BAWIL15”

361° Ortega 2 Trail Shoes review 1

361° Ortega 2 Trail Shoes review 1

Having been given a few pairs of enertor performance and comfort insoles to put in my road shoes and OCR / Trail shoes. I actually purchased more to go in all of my training and running shoes! The enertor insoles are really comfortable and have really helped to increase my running mileage without any aches or pains.

Indeed, enertor have published a list of injuries that the insoles could help with which can be viewed here. In 2017 I managed over 1000km compared to 500km in 2016 with the insoles definitely helping me achieve this. Many of my running buddies who have bought a pair of enertor insoles have all said it has helped to relieve the little niggles whilst running. You can read my 4 month review here.

Enertor have also released running kit in the form of base layers and technical socks. The technical apparel can also be purchased whilst using my enertor discount code BAWIL15 for 15% off.

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What makes Enertor Performance Insoles so great?

ENERTOR Performance Insoles are designed by leading Podiatrists and made with D3O impact protection technology. This patented smart material cushions the foot when moved slowly, but on impact the material locks together to absorb and disperse energy before instantly returning to its flexible state.

Take a look at my “Egg Test”

The D3O patented shock-absorption material has been engineered to offer long-term cushioning and superior comfort, supporting normal muscle function, reducing lower leg pain and reduce the risk of injury. ENERTOR Performance Insoles are perfect for walking, running, and all sports.

Click here to go to to purchase your Enertor Insoles or technical apparel and use the code “BAWIL15” for a 15% discount!