I have been fortunate enough to be selected as a Tough Mudder Ambassador for 2018. With this, I have been given a discount code to offer 30% off tickets for the Full, Half and 5km races in the UK for first time mudders.

Use the code BRANDUK272 at checkout to qualify for 30% off

I will be at most of the UK Tough Mudders this year – have a look at my race calendar to see if there is an event near you. As a Tough Mudder Ambassador, I am more than happy to run with you (and your group) if you want help and support around the course.

What is a Tough Mudder?

Tough Mudder is an international Obstacle Course Run from America, but there are several runs in the UK, Ireland and Germany. It is well known for it’s “BIG” obstacles such as Everest, Mud Mile, Arctic Enema and the dreaded ElectroShockTherapy. There are 3 main types of course – Full, Half and the new for 2018 5km series. As a Tough Mudder Ambassador, I am taking on most of the UK season including the new 5km in Manchester.

  • The “Full” course is made up of around 10 miles 20+ obstacles including ElectroShock Therapy and Arctic Enema (plunge into an ice bath)
  • The “Half” course is made up of around 5 miles, 10+ obstacles but some of the more “demanding” obstacles including Arctic Enema can be skipped
  • The new 5km course is completely “dry” meaning no mud or water as well as not electric – everyone can join in and take public transport home!

Tough Mudder unlike many other OCRs is “a challenge, not a race” meaning that you run the course as a group, help and support each other over the obstacles – in deed, many of the obstacles are nearly impossible to do without team mates – see Pyramid Scheme and the new obstacle “Happy Ending”. Tough Mudder is not about getting to the end as quickly as possible, but to overcome the challenge and enjoy the experience and commerdarie with your fellow team mates.

Tough Mudder was one of my first OCRs and it got me completely hooked!

Sounds good? Great, come and join me and remember, as a Tough Mudder Ambassador, I have a discount code for First Timers – BRANDUK272 for 30% discount

Looking forward to seeing you in the mud!