Tough Mudder Yorkshire 2022 recap

Tough Mudder Yorkshire has always been known for 2 things – Rain and Hills – and 2022 did not disappoint!

A return to Broughton Hall, Skipton – the course with the best views! Weather was very indifferent over the weekend (always rains in Yorkshire) but the sun did actually make an appearance on Sunday afternoon.

I concentrated on the Infinity race on Saturday (keep lapping the 15km or 5km course for 8 hours). In total I did 50km official – 15km then four 5km and then a final 15km. The 15km was a little short (not much) but the 5km were a little long (just under 1km) so in total I completed 53km. This was a course that paid you to do the more undulating 15km lap rather than the flatter 5km (6km) lap.

As what is a classic Yorkshire move, then course took you up the long (and sometimes steep) hill to the top of the course – both for the 15km and 10km. The 5km route was quite flat in elevation compared to the other two routes, but still had crowd favourites including Block Ness and Arctic Enema! The Yorkshire course was SOOOOO muddy – kiss of mud and especially Mud Mile (check the video) whilst on the Saturday, people were making their own mud slides down a hill (closed off on the Sunday)

2022 recap video (10km course)

Tough Mudder Yorkshire Obstacle List

1 – Hero Walls (15km, 10km, 5km)
2 – Kiss of Mud (15km, 10km, 5km)
3 – Cage Crawl (15km, 10km, 5km)
4 – Block Ness Monster (15km, 10km, 5km)
5 – Bale Bonds (15km, 10km, 5km)
6 – Hold your Wood (15km, 10km)
7 – Hero Carry (15km, 10km)
8 – Cry Baby (15km, 10km)
9 – Hydrophobia (15km)
10 – Augustus Gloop (15km)
11 – Killa Gorilla (15km)
12 – Black Widow (15km)
13 – Texas Hold Em (15km)
14 – Electric Eel (15km)
15 – Devils Beard (15km)
16 – Well Swung (15km)
17 – The Gauntlet (15km)
18 – Skid Marked (15km)
19 – Funky Monkey (15km, 10km)
20 – Tipping Point (15km, 10km)
21 – Pyramid Scheme (15km, 10km)
22 – Mud Mile (15km, 10km, 5km)
23 – Birth Canal (15km, 10km, 5km)
24 – Ladder to Hell (15km, 10km, 5km)
25 – Arctic Enema (15km, 10km, 5km)
26 – Creek Crusade (15km, 10km, 5km)
27 – Everest (15km, 10km, 5km)
28 – Mudder Horn (15km, 10km, 5km)
29 – Electro Shock Therapy (15km, 10km, 5km)

Dedicated to Leon Hardwick – Congrats on your 100x

Dedicated to Leon Hardwick on his 100th Tough Mudder. Leon is running in aid of Prostate Cancer Awareness this year. You can support him via JUSTGIVING here

Final thoughts on Tough Mudder Yorkshire 2022

The course was so muddy in places, that the water obstacles – especially Cage Crawl and Arctic Enema became mud baths on Sunday. Personally, wasnt a fan of that, but it didnt seem to spoil anyone elses enjoyment.

It was good to have an MC on the finish line – especially to chat to the crowd and “have a laugh” at their expense on Electro Shock Therapy. I am torn between the great pumping music which was at London West and the MC.

Course was great for spectators with Arctic Enema, Everest and BlockNess all within “easy” reach, whilst of course Mudder Horn and Electro Shock Therapy were in the village.

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