Tough Mudder South London ’22 – Morden Park

Tough Mudder returns to an urban setting at Morden Park, South London. Unlike Finsbury Park, it was so much warmer (check out the video) but much like Finsbury, aims to attract a new audience to Tough Mudder through the very accessible London Parks. As much as I love the “main” venues, they are not accessible if you’re unable to drive.

The course had two routes – a 5km and 10km route and looking at the map, the course was very much split into two bases. This meant, to get across to the additional obstacles for the 10km, there was a lot of extra (boring) running and switch backs. There were only 6 additional obtacles – although fan favourites Gauntlet and Electric Eel were part of those additions. But for the 5km route, there’s twice as many obstacles for the distance (13)


  • Minefield (10km & 5km)
  • Hero Walls (10km & 5km)
  • Skid Marked (10km & 5km)
  • Hydrophobia (10km & 5km)
  • Mudder Wheelbarrow (10km & 5km)
  • Texas Hold Em (10km & 5km)
  • Black Widow (10km only)
  • Pyramid Scheme (10km only)
  • Ladder to Hell (10km only)
  • The Gauntlet (10km only)
  • Electric Eel (10km only)
  • Cry Baby (10km only)
  • Devils Beard (10km & 5km)
  • Everest (10km & 5km)
  • Birth Canal (10km & 5km)
  • Arctic Enema (10km & 5km)
  • Twinkle Toes (10km & 5km)
  • Mudder Horn (10km & 5km)
  • Electro Shock Therapy (10km & 5km)

Final Thoughts of Tough Mudder South London

It’s really good to see urban events where Tough Mudder and obstacle races in general are a little more accessible. However with the endless switchbacks and weirdly placed obstacles (more to go with convenience to Tough Mudder than to the runner) this isn’t the most inspiring and may not get people shouting for more. Fewer obstacles across the additonal 5km on the 10km route so theres defintiely a bit more running involved – so be warned!

Great to tick off the list, but nothing more

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