Tough Mudder South West 2022

The Badminton estate is the venue once again for Tough Mudder South West. Based relatively near Bath and Bristol, its conveniently on the M4.

The course venue is not the most inspiring – a lot of running, no real trail and no natural mud – just a lot of running through fields. A lot of fan favourites – BlockNess, Augustus Gloop, Funky Monkey and a very smelly Arctic Enema (TMHQ should have rinsed it out from TM Yorkshire). In my opinion, the 5km course wasn’t the most interesting – 10km course was probably the best which included Funky Monkey and Well Swung, whilst the 15km course also added Hydrophobia, Gauntlet and Cage Crawl

It was great to see Pyramid Scheme back in the village which meant that spectators could remain in the village, but still get to see 3 obstacles completed by the participants. The village had a great atmopshere whilst also split into two, with Mudder Horn an access point between the start and finish areas.

Video is from the 15km course – 9.30 wave on the Saturday. Weather was changeable, as you can see, we started with beautiful blue skies and finished in grey overcast clouds.

Tough Mudder South West 2022 – 15km course

Tough Mudder South West Obstacle List

  • Hero Walls (15km, 10km, 5km)
  • Ladder to Hell (15km, 10km, 5km)
  • Devils Beard (15km, 10km, 5km)
  • Hydrophobia (15km, 10km, 5km)
  • King of the Mountain (15km)
  • Skidmarked (15km)
  • Birth Canal (15km)
  • The Gauntlet (15km)
  • Cage Crawl (15km)
  • Electric Eel (15km)
  • Texas Hold Em (15km, 10km, 5km)
  • Hero Carry (15km, 10km, 5km)
  • Blockness Monster (15km, 10km, 5km)
  • Mud Mile (15km, 10km, 5km)
  • Walk this Way (15km, 10km)
  • Augustus Gloop (15km, 10km)
  • Trench Warfare (15km, 10km)
  • Cry Baby (15km, 10km)
  • Funky Monkey (15km, 10km)
  • Well Swung (15km, 10km)
  • Black Widow (15km, 10km)
  • Kiss of Mud (15km, 10km, 5km)
  • Gut Buster (15km, 10km, 5km)
  • Hold Your Wood (15km, 10km, 5km)
  • Tipping Point (15km, 10km, 5km)
  • Everest (15km, 10km, 5km)
  • Arctic Enema (15km, 10km, 5km)
  • Pyramid Scheme (15km, 10km, 5km)
  • Mudder Horn (15km, 10km, 5km)
  • Electroshock Therapy (15km, 10km, 5km)
Tough Mudder South West 2022 Course Map

Final Thoughts

Rumour has it that Tough Mudder are moving away from the Badminton Estate. Personally, I think its a good move. The course is very flat with no “interesting” terrain. This means you can basically see all the running you have to do infront of you as well as the switch backs participants are doing just to make up the distance. The course map itself is not that inspiring!

It’s no secret that the South West course is my least favourite and its only the fantastic obstacles and friends that keep me coming back each year. Onwards and upwards to 2023 and a new venue!

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