Tough Mudder London South 2022 recap

Tough Mudder London South has always been my favourite course. Lots of trails and forests (not endless running in fields) soft under foot and whilst not “hilly” its undulating (250m total elevation over 15km)

This year they reversed the course, which I think to most, didnt really make any difference, but if you keep returning year after year, its nice to change it up a little. The BIG new change was the introduction of “Slidin Dirty” an obstalce innovation (basically beta testing) this was I would guess around a 10m high slide. It was awesome, I managed to get on it several times over the weekend (due to infinity on the Saturday). I am sure it will be refined and will come to courses next year – I mean, how can it not?!

The best thing about the Tough Mudder London South course (especially for newbies) is that 1- its very easy to get to (only 10 minutes from Crawley Town Centre) and 2 – the central hub means that spectators can take in the major obstacles without having to walk to all corners of the course (yes, South West, this means you!)

Loads of ice in Arctic Enema (something that has been strangely lacking over the season) and Cry Baby was overloaded with menthol all weekend!

Tough Mudder London South recap video – 10km course

The video is from the 10km second wave on Sunday morning (around 9.30am) – so the course is nicely churned up from the Saturday participants in which I am told, already over 8000 people ran the course. Take a special look at Arctic Enema and Cry Baby – I think there was an end of season sale!

Obstacle List

  • Kiss of Mud – 15km, 10km 5km
  • Hero Walls – 15km, 10km 5km
  • Mud Mile – 15km, 10km 5km
  • Pyramid Scheme – 15km, 10km 5km
  • Skid Marked – 15km, 10km 5km
  • Cry Baby – 15km, 10km 5km
  • Walk this Way – 15km, 10km 5km
  • Funky Monkey – 15km, 10km 5km
  • Block Ness Monster – 15km, 10km 5km
  • Birth Canal – 15km, 10km 5km
  • Hydrophobia – 15km, 10km, 5km
  • Hero Carry – 15km, 10km, 5km
  • Black Widow – 15km (not filmed)
  • Block ness Monster – 15km, 10km, 5km
  • Devil’s Beard – 15km (not filmed)
  • Quagmire – 15km (not filmed)
  • Black Widow – 15km (not filmed)
  • Texas Hold Em – 15km (not filmed)
  • Hold Your Wood – 15km (not filmed)
  • Ladder to Hell – 15km (not filmed)
  • Gut Buster – 15km (not filmed)
  • Twinkle Toes 15km, 10km, 5km
  • Shawshanked – 15km (not filmed)
  • Electric Eel – 15km (not filmed)
  • Slidin Dirty – 15km, 10km 5km
  • Arctic Enema – 15km, 10km 5km
  • Mudderhorn – 15km, 10km 5km
  • Everest – 15km, 10km 5km
  • The Gauntlet – 15km, 10km 5km
  • Pitfall – 15km, 10km 5km
  • Electroshock Therapy – 15km, 10km, 5km

Final thoughts

Loved it, Loved it, Loved it

There is something special about the London South course – undulating but runnable, a good mix of trails and forests (not endless Fields – I am looking at you South West!) and because it is near London, there are masses of crowds – 15,000 over the weekend I was told.

If you are looking to do your first 15km Tough Mudder – this should be the one to look at in the South (or North West if you are in the Midlands or further north!)

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