Five things you need to know when running Tough Mudder Infinity

Tough Mudder Infinity is the latest race iteration from Tough Mudder. The premise is that you have 9 hours on course to complete as many laps (15km or 5km) as you can within the time limit. In 2022, Infinity races were at Midlands, Yorkshire, Scotland, North West and London South.

Having run all five races in 2022, I feel I can offer a few tips should you be taking on your first Tough Mudder Infinity race.

  1. Know your times and cut offs! You have a total of 9 hours on course. This year the start was 8am (7.45 warm up) with the course closed at 5pm. Also important to know is that the 15km course closes at 2pm and at 4pm the 5km course is closed (you cant go out for another lap after this time). You need to finish your last lap by 5pm for it to count
  2. Use the pit wisely. There is a seperate pit area for infinity runners, where you can drop your bag, food, drinks, change of clothes etc. You can stay in as long as you need, but I suggest you get in and out as quickly as possible – otherwise you may get too comfortable and may not want to go out again! Once you are out, there is also a by pass lane, so you can get back on course as quickly as possible without having to wait for the next wave to go
  3. Choose your own adventure wisely. After the first 15km lap, you then have the choice of 5km or 15km laps. Generally the 5km laps have been a little flatter than the 15km BUT 3 x 5km laps usually have more obstacles in total than one 15km lap. Plus you will always have to do Mudder Horn (quite a time sapper) and EST. It has usually been the case that one 15km lap has overall been quicker than 3 x 5km laps – even with the additional elevation (Im looking at you TM Yorkshire!)
  4. Skip the queues. Unlike Europes Toughest Mudder or World’s Toughest Mudder, you are taking on the course around thousands of other participants. Mid-morning and early afternoon, the course is heaving with thousands of mudders on the course and there will be places where some queues build up. Fortunately you can get to the front of the queue and carry on your race. The start MCs have usually warned Mudders as well as the MVPs being briefed to get you through. However, I usually just say something like” Do you mind if I go in front, I am running infinity” with a smile and the mudder will ususally give way. Never just cut in, be polite! Out of the five races and the number of times I have goen to the front, I only had 1 person say “no” whilst the next person just said “go ahead”.
  5. All about the Swag – to be an official “finisher” you must complete 20km (15km + 5km laps). With that, you get a medal, infinity headband and your bib. However, if you complete 30km or more, you get additional distance medallions that can be attached to the headband. At 60km, you get an exclusive Belt Buckle / Medal

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  1. Hi,
    Love the website and content it is really useful so thanks!

    I am doing the TM Infinity in Yorkshire in July and I am aiming for 60km+.

    How did you split your run to achieve the buckle?

    Planning out my splits I am targeting 1hr 35mins per 15km with a 5min break between to grab some gels, a banana and a drink which means I should just make the cut off to get a fourth 15km lap in, but I don’t know if I am being too optimistic so would appreciate your insight.


    • Hi mate. Your timings sound about right and pretty much what I was aiming for. Also, depend on how strong a hill runner you are is onhow optimistic you’re being. Yorkshire has one large hill with a steep climb and much of the course is along the side of a hill so a lot of sideways running.
      Check the timings as I think we’re now starting a ltitle earlier BUT the 8 hours still stands, it just brings everything forward a little. I believe they have increased the mileage for the Infinity buckle to 70km, but to be hounest, as I would have only really managed that mileage at London South, I haven’t really been interested!
      Good luck and please say hi at Yorkshire.

  2. Hi,

    Just formulating my plan for Yorkshire, as per Chris’s comments I was hoping for an attempt at getting the 60km Buckle. Through some googling seems this may have been changed to 75km!! and also mixed messages on the start times and closing of the 15km course. My previous assumption was we start 07:30, 15km course closes at 13:30 (giving us 6 hours to complete 3 15km laps). I’d then hoped to take complete 1 more 15km lap with the remaining 3 hrs left to get me to 60km. I’ve also noted the closing time for the 15km laps at 12:30 now, which would mean having to complete each lap/transition just under 1hr40mins. any further insights would be great



    • Hi Justin
      Apologies for the delay in a response, I get so much spam messages, I just wait for them all to bunch up before deleting them all!
      So yes, buckle is now at 75km (say thanks to all those that did well last year!)
      start line times seem to always change however its something like:
      730 “start” but actuall 7.45 across the line
      15km start line closes = 13.45
      5km start line closes = 15.45
      9 hours finish line closes = 16.45

      Dont know how TM savvy you are, Yorkshire is very hilly and one of the tougher events to hit 60km +. It’s doable if you are ready for elevation (looking back at my strava last year was around 350m elevation gain per lap)

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