361 Europe Futura – The obstacle ready trail shoe

Hopefully you know I am an obstacle course racing (OCR) and long-distance trail running enthusiast. As a 361 Europe ambassador, I am happy to say that their trail shoes have been amazing, but not quite hitting the mark when it comes to Obstacle Racing. This isn’t a surprise as it’s a real niche area.

But the 361 Europe Futura has changed all of that, and has definitely become a trail shoe that is now obstacle course ready! Here’s why:

Gripping the Trails:
Vibram® MegaGrip outsole: This isn’t your average rubber. The Futura’s aggressive lugs dig deep into loose dirt, mud, and even wet rocks, providing confidence on any terrain. I’ve charged through the mud of Tough Mudder North West and scrambled/balanced across wet wood without a single slip.

Conquering Obstacles:
5mm lugs: Deep lugs are the secret of not looking like Bambi on ice when running through the mud. The Futura has the perfect depth for biting into soft surfaces without feeling clunky on hardpack. They shed mud easily, keeping your weight down and your momentum going.

Durable upper:
The Futura’s upper is woven tight enough to keep out debris but breathable enough for long runs. It’s also surprisingly abrasion-resistant, holding up to scrapes and snags on even the most brutal courses. Importantly for obstacle course races, they shed water really quickly, ensuring that you’re not carrying unnecessary weight.

Comfort for the Long Haul:
QU!KFOAM midsole: This proprietary foam is springy and responsive, providing excellent cushioning for high mileage runs. My legs feel surprisingly fresh even after tackling the 15km Tough Mudder courses or even the Ultra distances of an Infinity.

Overall thoughts of the 361 Europe Futura Trail Shoe

After over 200km in the 361 Europe Futura, I can honestly say that it is a versatile trail shoe that excels in both obstacle course racing and long-distance trail running. It’s grippy, comfortable, and really durable, making it a true investment for any Obstacle Course Racer or Trail runner.

If you’re looking for a shoe that can handle anything the trails (and obstacle courses) throw your way, the 361 Europe Futura is definitely worth checking out.

I hope this review helps you find your next favorite trail shoe!

For the technical specs, check out the 361 Europe Futura web page.


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