Tough Mudder races explained

Since it’s inception 10 years ago, Tough Mudder has slowly expanded it’s range of obstacle courses to cater for everyone from the first-timer through to the elite ultra runner. This post helps to explain the different races within the brand – Tough Mudder races explained!

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  • Classic – The orginal, Tough Mudder muddy run
  • Urban / City– Shorter 5/10km course with no water and no mud – perfect for the first timer
  • Tougher Mudder – A competative and timed wave of the Classic Course. Some penalties for failed obstacle completion
  • Toughest Mudder – A 12 hour (or in the case of World’s Toughest Mudder, 24 hour) lapped version of Tough Muder. Usually a modified 5-mile verson of a classic course
  • Lidl Mudder – A child friendly version of Tough Mudder (up to 12 years old)


Where is all began for Tough Mudder – the “Classic” course is the well-known version comprising of mud, water and various other obsstacles. The courses are usually based at a Country House estate (such as Belvoir Castle for Tough Mudder Midlands and Badminton Estate for Tough Mudder South West) and the course distance being 8-10 miles with around 20-25 obstacles thrown into the mix.

As well as the Classic 8-10 mile course, these event weeksn also have a shorter distance run – 5km. This shorter course has 10 – 15 obstacles but starts, ends and runs in conjunction with the Classic course.

Tough Mudder “Classic” – London West 2019

Tough Mudder Urban – Cousin in the City

Tough Mudder Urban – Cousin in the City. This race series is a relative new comer to Tough Mudder. Unlike the Classic course, there is no mud, water or electrcity. Based in City Centre parks (such as Clapham Common and Finsbury Park) the courses are perfect for people travelling to and from the course on public transport. The 5km/10km course has many elements from the Classic Course, but with some modifications – squarley aiming this at the casual obstacle course runner or first timer. Unlike the Classic course, the City series also has races going on a Friday evening which gives a different vibe to an obstacle race.

Tough Mudder “Urban” – Clapham Common 2019

Tougher Mudder

Tougher Mudder is a competative wave of the Classic Course – usually the first wave on a Saturday morning – this wave caters to those who want to test themselves against the course. Each competitior is timed, has penalties for failing obstacles (usually a short run loop) and more often than not, having to face all the obstacles alone. Fear not, the obstacles that are made for team work are modified for competitors to complete alone.

Tougher Mudder is an added extra (£15) to the classic ticket, but comes with a finishers medal, competitor bib and an exclusive headband

Toughest Mudder & World’s Toughest Mudder

Toughest Mudder and World’s Toughest Mudder are the “Ultra” versions of Tough Mudder. Toughest Mudder is a 12 hour event, whilst World’s Toughest Mudder is a 24 hour event where competitors complete as many of the 5-mile laps as possible. The course is usually a modified route of the usual Tough Mudder lap, but sometimes with some exclusive obstacles. Competing over night or through 24 hours is a huge challenge. Special bibs, patches and exclusive headbands are on offer for finishers and different distances.

Lidl Mudder

Lidl mudder is the child-friendly Tough Mudder course for mudders aged 5 – 12. The course is a 1-mile lap full of obstacles including the famous Everest. The ethos of Tough Mudder, Team-work and camarderie are instilled into the mudders even at this early age.

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