Podcasts I listen to (updated Nov ’22)

When I run or in the gym I split my listening habits to music (don’t think I can share my amazon playlist….) or podcasts/ depending on my mood. In “normal” life I listen to podcasts a lot – when I’m cooking, working, driving (you get the picture).

Below is a list of podcasts I listen to. I’ve split into two categories – running/obstacle race podcasts an then everything else. I’ve then ordered them into time I have been listening – oldest first.

Running / Obstacle Racing podcasts

  • UK OCR – THE podcast for obstacle racing in the UK – Of course, I would say that as I am co-host of “Who’s Hot” – However the “Swift Half” released on a Friday with Allan and Ian is my favourite show.
  • Obstacle Racing Media – Podcast around OCR and running. Entertaining and informative guests, whilst the latest edition of “Davis & Chace Discourse” is a fresh take on the news of the week
  • Badboy Running – A British based running podcast which adds humour and irreverance in between (usually) interesting guests.
  • The Running Public – New to me (2 episodes in) but seems to be interesting mostly talking about improving running for all runners – Elite to Newbie
  • World’s Toughest Podcast – the first OCR related podcast I downloaded. Based around World’s Toughest Mudder and Tough Mudder. In most recent times, the podcasts are few and far between with Will Hicks concentrating on The OCR Report. I don’t listen to this as I found it was too North American centric
  • The Nitty Gritty Training – A bi-weekly podcast with Faye Stenning and Jess O’Connell who provide training content on strength, running, and obstacle racing.

All other Podcasts

  • Kermode & Mayo’s Take – My first ever podcast and have listened for several years (yes I am an LTL). Even if you don’t go to the cinema often (I don’t) its a great, entertaining listen.
  • Comedy of the Week – a different sketch every week – honestly hit or miss – but there have been some gems!
  • Friday night comedy – Mostly topical panel shows like the “News Quiz”
  • More or less – behind the stats – short and sweet podcast (around 20 minutes) delving deeper into finding the truth behind statistics which may have been spouted by a politician in the week’s news
  • Chequered Flag Formula 1 – Usually more interesting than the F1 race themselves! Normally 4 episodes per race which includes preview and review
  • This week in tech – A long podcast (around 2 hours) rounding up the tech news of the week.
  • Stuff you should know – Just for interest, I don’t listen to every episode (I dont need to know everything!)
  • Freakonomics Radio – Another really interesting stats podcast
  • MoneyBox – Financial podcast based on topical news
  • The Which money podcast – Financial podcast to help people understand their own money finances and how to improve their situation
  • Off Menu – A really entertaining podcast in which guests are invited to talk about their dream meal.
  • Beyond Today – A deeper delve into a daily headline of the day. In the world of “short form” its good to get a 20 minute exploration.

That’s my list – what do you listen to? Are there any in the list you like/hate? Do you have any suggested Podcasts that I should be listening to?

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