Favourite Photos of 2019

So 2019 is almost over and I only have one race left, so I am being a little indulgent in picking some of my favourite race photos / moments of 2019.

A sunrise shot with the Rome Colloseum as a fantastic background. With thanks to fellow 361 Europe ambassador, Dario for the shot and run tour!
Start Line at Tough Mudder
Start line at Tough Mudder London West. A great start to the Tough Mudder season!
Toasting marshmallows at Spartan Race
The Spartan Firejump is iconic, I thought we would have a little fun with the photographer and have our own toasted marshmallow finish instead
Jumping in the air
So I got this jump from fellow Enertor Teammate Jess
Wil being a human hoopla
Overload with the Solomudders was one of the most fun races I had. The obstacles we so varied and this time, I thought I would become the obstacle!
Pic of the group in BlockNess
Tough Mudder, NRW Germany was an epic weekend and this photo of us all in Blockness. It was great to be able to run with fellow 361 Ambassador, Krister.
My first race of 2019 – Race on Track 10km, Oulton Park
Pic of me getting a photo at the top of Everest
I love this action shot from Steve who was filming for my own video. He managed to get a great shot of Aaron from Epic Action Imagery getting a great shot of me!
Wil on the Flying Monkey obstacle
Toughest Race is itself an awesome race. But the Holmkollen venue in Oslo, Norway is based in and around an Olympic Ski slope. This image is from my taking on the Flying Monkey bars
Handstand on Blockness
This picture on Blockness was around 2 years in the making. I have wanted to do this shot for ages, but the obstacle has always been too busy to get the handstand in.
Near the finish at Hamburg Half Marathon with Marie-Louise pulling me along
Finally, this shot was taken at Hamburg Half Marathon, I was pretty much dead on my feet in the last mile, but the all-round awesomeness of MLK kept me going to the end!

So that’s pretty much all of my favourite photos and moments from 2019. Actually that’s a lie, this is just a handful of my favourite pictures, there are so much more, but I can keep boring you with all of them! Here#s to more favourite moments in 2020!

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