Tough Mudder North West 2021

WOWOWOW – North West has historically been the muddiest course and Tough Mudder North West 2021 is no exception! Some minor changes to the usual route – flatter in elevation profile than usual (but not quite as flast as Tough Mudder South West )

Sewer Rat was on course – and (I hear) had to be closed at some point on Saturday just becuase of the gllopy mud was causing such a tail back. Returning to course on Sunday, the mud had definitely been watered down!

Check the video and pictures below to see how muddy those parts really were!

Tough Mudder North West 2021 YouTube Video

Obstacle List

  1. Hero Walls
  2. Kiss of Mud
  3. Devil’s Beard
  4. Sewer Rat
  5. Mud mile 1
  6. Skid marked
  7. Hero carry (missed this one on the video)
  8. Hold your wood
  9. Arctic enema
  10. Creek crusade
  11. Block Ness monster
  12. Electric Eel
  13. Cry baby
  14. Funky monkey
  15. Walk this way
  16. Texas hold em
  17. Tipping point
  18. Everest
  19. Mud mile 2
  20. Mudderhorn
  21. The Gauntlet
  22. Black widow
  23. King of the mountain
  24. Well Swung
  25. Electro Shock therapy

Tough Mudder North West 2021 Recap

The muddiest course of the UK season and 2 dips into mud mile and a very boggy sewer rat doesn’t disappoint. A relatively flat course, but one full of character and all of the headline obstacles.

Wil Chung