Tough Mudder 5km – Clapham Common

I was fortunate enough to take a group of friends around Tough Mudder 5km (Cousin in the City) for their first ever obstacle race. What sold it to them was the idea of no water, no mud and no electricity. So pretty much exactly the demographic that Tough Mudder were hoping to pick up when creating this new series.

The “before” picture.

Video Run through

Race run-through of Tough Mudder Clapham Common 5km

The Course

The course was a 5km (well actually a bit less) through Clapham Common. Most of the obstacles were from the Tough Mudder courses we all know and love, whilst some were a variation of the obstacles. Waves were off every 10 minutes and was started by Bobby, combining the warm up and famous “Tough Mudder pledge to kick off proceedings:

  • Hero carry – piggy back and switch to give your partner a rest
  • Giant A hole – the huge climbing frame which gives you stunning views of Clapham Common – Only seen this at TM London North as a “full” course obstacle.
  • Skid marked – 10ft wall at an angle
  • Twinkle toes – A very wobbly Balance beam spanning around 3m
  • Devils beard – Cargo net crawl – no hay bales this time though
  • Bale bonds – Hay bale climb – modified for 5km where the stacks aren’t as high.
  • Clean and jerk – Team work to carry a friend on a stretcher – 5km “exclusive” obstacle
  • Hero walls – 10ft walls
Hero Walls
  • Get low – Barbed wire crawl
  • Hanging out – Swinging rings under Giant A Hole
  • Pyramid scheme – 20ft sloped pyramid where you work as a team to get to the top – Modified as there is not water at the bottom.
Pyramid Scheme
  • Everest – Half pipe run up to the top – Modified for 5km as its a little shorter.
  • Finish line to pick up the Kingstone Press Cider, T shirt and all important headband
Finish line photo

The Verdict

My friends absolutely loved their first Obstacle Race. All of them were worried about needing strength or maybe even getting injured. But of course, the very professional set up (and me leading them of course) meant we all lived to tell the tale. 

The ethos of “#TougherTogether made sure we stayed as a group and helped each other (and other participants) conquer the course. The great weather definitely played a part too, I was worried the weather might have been typically autumnal, providing a poor experience, but the sun was out and clouds away.

The biggest compliment I can pay to the 5km race series is that all of the group have eagerly looked towards 2019, taking on another 5km curse, but also the “classic” course – meaning Mud, Water and Electricity! 

Bring on 2019, the new season, new obstacles, new course formats and a chance to get my friends their first orange headband.

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