Packing for World’s Toughest Mudder

Less than a week to go to World’s Toughest Mudder in Atlanta and yesterday, I finally packed my my bags.  Although, it’s still 3 days before I fly, some may think I’ve packed early. However as it’s my first ever World’s Toughest Mudder, I thought I better pack and it may help me recall if I need anything (or indeed just forgotten something)

Two Europe’s Toughest Mudders (Europe’s Toughest Mudder 2017 and ETM 2018 Race Recap) and a few Ultra races (Runstock, Equinox 24 and TrailBlaster) has helped me organise kit requirements, so fortunately I am not going into this totally blind – however I am pretty sure I have over packed – thanks largely to a generous 22kg (hold) and 8kg (hand) baggage allowance.

But first, the Race kit flatlay…

Flat Lay of race kit
  • Gul Shorty & long wetsuits – my only piece of advice here is to get a front zipped wetsuit. So helpful!
  • Blegg Mitts – mitts to keep your hands warm, whilst being able to retract the mitts to grip on to obstacles using your bare hands (best way)
  • Wrag – From OCR SoloMudders – a really friendly and helpful group fo OCR runners and racers. Waiting for my WTM exclusive T shirt to arrive.
  • Dryrobe – I am not ashamed to say this has saved me on a couple of occasions from Hypothermia. With temperatures dropping to near 0°, I am sure it will be really useful through the weekend. 
  • Enertor Base Layers & Race Energy Recover socks – Use my code BAWIL for 25% off your basket at
  • 361° Cap, T shirt & Shorts – With thanks to my sponsor – 361° Europe
  • Cannondale Cycle Jacket – They say get a wind breaker to help with the wind. I wasn’t going to buy a new one, so will be taking this. It’s also convertible to just a gillet too. 
  • Inov-8 X-Talon 260 Ultra – brand new to and “Ultra and Endurance race” ready. 8mm lugs with more cushioning than the usual X-talon range.
  • Black Diamond Spot headlight – not quite as bright or expensive as the Storm but still bright enough.
  • Nathan Strobe Light – Purchased for ETM, but glowsticks will suffice if you don’t want to buy a light or just need a back-up
  • Crosstour 9500 action camera – Video blog coming up after WTM. This is one of the best value Action Camera’s there is. Can record up to 4k (I recorder at 1080 / 60fps). Check out my YouTube channel to view videos shot on it.
  • Hawkers Sunglasses
  • Winston – (not for purchase!)


  • Action Cam bag & laptop – Need to keep all the electronics together.
  • Speaker – I may or many not use this through the night hours. Waterproof, loud and bluetooth enabled.
  • Monster Beats Studio – Noise Cancelling headphones for the flight.
  • Project E2 – Energy & Hydration. Has been my “go to” nutrition for my endurance running. 
  • 361° Spire 3 – Recovery run
  • Clothes – well duh! I’m there for a week. 

So that’s pretty much everything I’m taking – I will do another write up after Worlds Toughest Mudder to let you know if I over or under packed (and also the weight!) Some crazy bastards are going only taking carry on! Additionally my friends and I will be taking a trip to Walmart to buy food and stuff for the pit. Maybe that will be another blog post at some point.

My first World’s Toughest Mudder, how exciting! Wish me luck.

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