Enertor Performance Insoles – 4 months on

I’ve now been using my Enertor Performance Insoles for 4 months now, and so thought it was a good point to blog about my experience with them.

First a quick re-cap about me:

I am an obstacle runner who has started to take his running more “seriously”, really only started running in the back end of 2016. I have my first half marathon at the end of the month and as such, have joined a Newcastle (Staffs) AC Running club and putting some regular miles in my shoes. As well as this, I go to the gym on a regular basis to hit the treadmill and do Body Combat (a HIIT class based on martial arts moves)

When I was invited to become an ambassador, I was fortunate enough to be given enough pairs to go into the gym, running and trail shoes – giving me every opportunity to try them out in the different activities I participate in. This was just for ease – the Enertors are actually robust enough to be moved from shoe to shoe if you only have one pair.

First, I’ll talk about the Performance Insoles themselves. They are made with a rubbery material – D30, which I believe acts like a newtonian fluid. Soft and supple under normal conditions, but strengthen under stress – perfect for an insole. They are then supported by the heel chassis – a cup which cradles the the heel in place – giving a strong and stable support to the whole foot. The true science and how they help return more energy back to the foot can be found on the Enertor Performance Insoles webpage

So how am I finding my Enertors?

Running So far in 2017

Running So far in 2017

As you can see, I am putting the mileage in (as compared to 2016) almost 4 times the amount of road, trail and treadmill running. Which means 4 times the amount of stress on my legs, knees and feet. I completely believe the insoles have helped me remain injury free. My friends have commented how I have yet to pick up any injuries or even niggles for that matter. I’m confident because I know I’ll have access to Sports Medicine Injuries services if I ever get injured.

My PRs for 10km have come down (still working on it to come down further) whilst my PR at Park Run has also come down. The weight of the insoles are only 100g, so very little impact for any runner but with a huge amount of benefit. In the gym, the insole helps to keep my foot stable within the shoe. With Body Combat, there is a lot of lateral movement and the heel cup certainly helps.

The Enertor Performance Insoles have been perfect for me, whilst they will be helpful for people engaged with any sporting activity. If you are looking for a pair – use my discount code to save yourself £10 – “WIL10” at https://www.enertor.com/product/enertor-performance-insoles

I’ll keep you updated through 2017 in how they are helping me perform and reach my goals

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