What’s in my kit bag?

I would say I’m becoming a veteran of the packing game for OCR. At the height of my season, I am doing back to back weekends with 2 or 3 races per weekend. With so much coming up so quickly, I need my bag to be organised. Here is what I usually pack for races:

  • Duffel Bag, 75L. – This bag is large enough to carry all my kit. The envogue OCR thing to do is to buy 2 x Kitbrix (note I do have one, but too small for OCR stuff). But two will only come up to 50L and will cost c£90.

    TOP TIP – buy a bag that is not black – it will certainly help at bag drop when it comes to reclaiming at the end of the race “The red one” is easier to find than “The black one”.

  • Documents – Usually a signed waiver, printed tickets and ID. Some races will take bar codes from a phone, but in this case, paper is always easier. Useful to have a pen handy too.

    TOP TIP – if you are using your phone for a ticket. Its easier to screenshot your ticket than try to rely on ropey signal to find your email.

  • Trail Shoes – For the more muddier events, trail shoes with grip will certainly help. They dont have to be expensive – Karrimor Tempos are what I started with, whilst More Mile Cheviot are also the choice for the those that are just starting off – Both are priced around £25. Even then, dont bother buying them until you are sure you want to do more races. You can get away with an old pair of trainers for your first race
  • Frostfire Moonbag – A great way to carry your wet gear, whilst having something to stand on whilst changing out of it. £15 from Amazon and certainly an upgrade from carrier bags.
  • Frostfire Towel Robe – A great towel that you wear whilst changing and keeping a little bit of decency. Not all OCRs have changing rooms! Around £20 from Amazon.
  • Dry Robe – The essential purchase for anyone wanting to do more than a handful of OCRs. £95ish but very much a worthwhile investment – saved me from crossing into hypothermia on at least 2 occasions. A massive amount of room to change under whilst the merino wool will certainly keep you warm from the inconsistent weather in the UK.
  • Compression base layers – Base layers help to keep you warm. Especially helpful if the weather is inclement or there is a lot of water / mud. Enertor range of base layers will keep you toasty and warm and with “BAWIL there is a 25% discount.
  • Race Vest / T shirt – What I really mean is a top made of synthetic fibres which can wick away moisture quickly. Or will dry off quickly.

    Note – Not cotton!

  • Spare clothes – Well you need something to change into one you have finished.
  • Hat – My hair is a mess after races. A hat helps to save my dignity
  • Water / Protein Shake / Hydration tablets – It’s always good to stay hydrated, I use SIS hydration tablets with water and slowly sip through the morning before a race. Most races will have water stops and water at the end of the race so you generally wont need to carry any around with you.
  • Food – Fuel up at the end of the race. I usually have a banana or bring my own sandwiches for after the race. The burger and chip stalls are too tempting!
  • Medicine Bag – By this I mean everything else you may need. In mine I have paracetamol, antihistamines, spare contact lenses, body wipes, haribo and Trek bars from other Tough Mudder.

I’m sure this list of stuff isn’t as extensive as some, and I am sure others may think I over pack (I’m certain the people at the bag drop seem to think so!). If you have any top tips of what you should take, the drop me a line and share!

OCR kit bag

OCR kit bag

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