Why you should book your next race in 2021 now

2020 was a tough year for running and obstacle course races, and the start of 2021 doesn’t seem to be much better here in the UK with national lockdown until sometime in Spring. Lots of people I talk to are saying “I’m not going to book anything yet until we know what’s going on.” I think they’re wrong and here are my reasons why you should book your next road or obstacle race NOW!

  • Motivation – There is nothing more motivating than having a race in mind – whether you are starting to train for a personal best, or just looking forward to the challenge and the social aspect. Booking a race gives you all the motivation you need!
  • Something to look forward to – a little bit similar to above I guess. I really miss hanging out at Tough Mudder weekends with the SoloMudders. For me the weekends are a perfect mix of socialising with friends (old and new) and obstacle running. Booking in your next race at least gives you something to think about towards the Summer and seeing old friends again.
  • Training – Personally, I find it difficult to do any form of “proper” training without a race in mind. All through lockdown one, about 95% of my runs were “easy”. Recently, my first “A” race (Wrexham Half Marathon) has been postponed until September. I am now back on the “easy” train as I have lost a little motivation for which”race” I am training towards next. FYI probably Europes Toughest Mudder but thats still a long way out (June) to start my training block now .
  • Supporting the races – OK, so this is the biggest one for me. I understand that we still don’t really know whats going on and that races may still be postponed or cancelled. BUT, if we don’t book the races now and put our money in the race organisers pockets, then we may not have a race to go to once we have cleared the pandemic. Now, I am not advocating that you pour your money into all races as they are charity cases. Of course, there is the chance even if you do book, the race may still close and you lose your money. But if you were going to book them anyway, then why not book them now? You are helping out with all of the above, whilst we keep another business afloat, keep some jobs and (eventually) have a great time at the race.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with why you should book your next race now? Have you started booking races for 2021 or are you currently hesitant to book? Free free to comment or drop a line on instagram – @wil.i.can


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