361° Europe Spire 4 Long term review

Back in March 2020, just before the first lockdown in the UK, I was gifted a pair of Spire 4 from 361° Europe as part of the Ambassador program. I have been a 361° Europe ambassador for 3 years now and regularly receive their latest trainers to use for training and racing. The 361° Europe Spire 3 were my previous favourite pair so I had been really looking forward to trying out the 361° Europe Spire 4.

Spire 4 are the range from 361° Europe for the long run – cushioned and responsive to make marathons and the long run as easy and comfortable. For me, the Spire 3 were the ones I would turn to 70% of the time with the rest being a mix of the Meraki, Sensations and trail shoes (although this is for another post!). As you can see from the image below, the Spire series were my “work horse” whilst the Meraki (a faster, more responsive – but less cushioned shoe) were my trusty back ups. Thanks to the Lockdown here in the UK, I started running most days (rather than 3/4 in 2019) and finished with just over 2,000km in the bag – of which the 361° Europe Spire 4 did 1100km – I rotated in with my Meraki and Yushan.

361 Spire 4 mileage - 1154.9km
361 Spire 3 milage - 838.6km
361 Meraki 3 mileage - 764km
361 Meraki 2 mileage - 608/6km

361° Europe Spire 4 out of the box

361° Europe Spire 4 after 1100km

How are they doing?

As you can see from the photos, they are doing great! Yes, the tread has worn down, but what would you expect from 1100km (600miles+)? The wear has been even (shoes I have good gait, thankfully) whilst the upper has help up very well. The rubber has not come away at the toebox which is common in trainers. The only “defect” I have noticed is at the crease of the toe box (see first image). This again is really common, but after the mileage, this is much less (I would say almost imperceptible) from what you may come to expect from shoes completing this distance.

As we have entered a new year and lockdown 3 here in the UK, I am still running in them despite the mileage on the shoes. They will remain my long run workhorse. Of course I rotate them with my other 361° Europe shoes (predominantely the Meraki 3). They remain as comfy and as responsive as they were on day one. Or at least haven’t lost that cushioning and comfort enough for me to take them out of rotation.

A note about being a 361° Europe Ambassador and this blog post

As mentioned at the beginning (and as you may already know) I am a 361° Europe Ambassador and have been since 2018. They regularly gift me with sports shoes and apparel as part of the ambassador program. All words are my own and my own honest opinion. This blog post has not been sponsored in anyway by 361° Europe, they have not asked me to write about the Spire 4, nor will they see this post or have any editorial influence over it.

Wil Chung