Tough Mudder Yorkshire 2021

Tough Mudder Yorkshire 2021 was the first Tough Mudder outside of lockdown restrictions. If you have read my previous Tough Mudder London West post, you will find that TM had a number of protocols to ensure the safety of all involved.

Some of the protocols including wearing facemasks within the village was still required, however wasn’t heavily policed. Gone also were the spaced markers in the warm up section. However, hand sanitizer was still available at most obstacles.

The atmosphere this time was banging, a lot more participants and spectators on course this time around. People did stay around in the event village for celebratory beers and food. And of course, to watch people run through ElectroShock Therapy!

Tough Muder Yorkshire 2021 YouTube Video


A very similar list of obstacles to TM London West. The only addition was Mud Mile making it’s triumphant return. It had 7 mounds and a huge amount of silty sandy mud. On the Sunday, people were slipping and sliding down the hill (so funny)

However, Everest only had two levels rather than three. Electroshock Therapy had a helluva lot more wires and a different heights this time around.

Tough Mudder Yorkshire 2021 Obstacle List

  • Hero Walls
  • Kiss of Mud
  • BlockNess
  • Walk this Way
  • Devil’s Beard
  • Tipping Point
  • Well Swung
  • Hero Carry
  • Mudder Wheel Barrow
  • Hydrophbia
  • Black Widow
  • Quagmire
  • Killa Gorilla
  • Cage Crawl
  • Skid Marked
  • Funky Monkey
  • Mud Mile
  • King of the Mountain
  • Arctic Enema
  • Creek Crusade
  • Everest
  • Mudderhorn
  • ElectroShock Therapy

Final Thoughts

Unlike TMLW, Tough Mudder Yorkshire 2021 is basically hitting one big hill throughout the course. There were some minor changes as compared to TMY 2019 – reverting to going back (nearly) to the top of the hill. And due to a drive test course being built and many trees being planted, some other parts was just a small detour.

The course was shorter than usual, around 7 mile in total (this doesn’t bother me) whilst the additional trail running section was quite a nice distraction.

Lots of freebies in the village. Do check out So-Beer, Monster, Actiph, Fireball Whiskey and Fudge Urban! I had food from one of the independent food stalls – Poutine. Essentially chips, cheese and gravy – a Canadian thing. Very tasty. Food from the stalls comes in at around £7-£10 whilst there is a bar on site too.

Hopefully the weather picks up for the rest of the season and we can enjoy and celebrate in the village a little longer.

Congratulations to Craig for his 50th Tough Mudder and a new colour headband!

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