Tough Mudder London West 2021

Tough Mudder is back with the first UK race in 2021 at “Hilly Henley”. Tough Mudder London West 2021 was over a 13km course and had over 300m of elevation gain across the hills and valleys. I’m pretty sure a change in route from the 2019 course. The race, in July was still being held within lockdown rules. Tough Mudder were limited to only 4,000 participants each day – definitely less than half than what they would usually expect at a Tough Mudder

All the classics were on course including Blockness, Everest and Funky Monkey. Whilst some classics have returned – Electric Eel and Cry Baby. A few new obstacles made their Tough Mudder debut including Tipping Point (a crawl through a tube which is hinged like a see saw – sliding you into a pool of water) and Well Swing – jumping to a swing to attempt to hit a bell before falling into water

With the lockdown rules, there were a few changes made to ensure we were kept as safe. Masks were worn within the village (could be removed on course). Hand sanitizer available before each obstacle (personally I think this is a waste of time). Spacing dots on the floor for the warm up to ensure social distancing. Pyramid Scheme has not yet made an appearance. It’s very much a high touch obstacle so I think it will be rested for 2021 at least.

YouTube Video of Tough Mudder London West 2021

My Thoughts

Tough Mudder London West 2021 was a great debut to the Tough Mudder season and I really enjoyed it, after being my first TM for around 22 months. The weather was absolutely amazing which meant that the water obstacles including the ever freezing Arctic Enema was a welcome relief.

Due to the lockdown rules though, the atmosphere in the village wasn’t quite there. It all seemed a little “empty” – people were asked to come no more than 30 minutes before their run and to leave site as soon as they could. As the season continues, this will pick up I am sure!

Great to see so many vendors in the village including a lot of independents (need to really try those chocolate brownies at some point!)

Awesome start to the Tough Mudder season, felt hillier than it normally is – possibly as its been a while at Henley. Cannot wait to see how the rest of the season pans out

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