Tough Mudder Yorkshire 2019 race recap

Tough Mudder Yorkshire sees the return of Tough Mudder after their mid-season break. Now halfway through the season, Tough Mudder returns to the beautiful Yorshire countryside of the Broughton Hall estate, near Skipton. For me this my 4th time at this event and has always been one of my favourite courses.​​​​ The weather this year (as was last year) was awful – follwing a heatwave just a few days later. Watch my video recap below and I apologise for the green tinge. I had not set up my action camera properly!

Tough Mudder Yorkshire Course Obstacles

  • Hero walls – Trio of 4ft, 8ft and 10ft walls
  • Creek crusade – Walking through a stream
  • Overtired – Climb over a large A-frame using ropes and tires
  • Arctic enema – Full submersion into a pool of water and ice
  • Creek crusade #2
  • Pyramid scheme – Up and over an A-frame with the help of your friends
  • Kiss of mud – barbed wire crawl through the mud
  • Hero carry – Piggy back a team-mate and switch
  • Swamp stomp – Trawl through the mud – one of the muddiest swamp stomps I have seen!
  • Cliffhanger – Clamber up a steep hill
  • Cage crawl – Pull yourself along a pool of water.
  • Funkey monkey – Monkey bars over water Hold your wood – Log carry
  • Black widow – Traverse across a pool of water using slack lines
  • Leap of faith – Cross a trench of water using rope ladders
  • Trench warfare – crawl through tunnels (under Alpha test)
  • Wet Willy – Unfortunately this didnt
  • Blockness – Spinning blocks which requires team work to get up and over
  • Mud mile – Trenches of mud
  • Pit fall – A long pool of water with hidden deeper pits
  • Alpha test – Was a wall traverse using climbing holds. The level up lane was inverted a few degrees
  • Devils beard – long cargo net crawl
  • Texas Holdem – You and a partner traverse across a long triangular beam
  • The gauntlet – Longest obstacle including balance beam, monkey bars and climbing hold
  • Augustus gloop – Climb up a ladder with a huge shower of water coming down on your head
  • Everest – Quarter pipe ramp
  • Mudder horn – A frame cargo net climb up 50ft
  • Electro Shock Therapy – Gauntlet run through 10,000 volts of electric wires
Tough Mudder Yorkshire course Map

Final Thoughts

The course route is bascially 4 miles up hill and 4 miles down. At the top of the course (between Cliff Hanger and Cage Crawl) there are some amazing views of Yorkshire (Unless its Sunday and the whole love is covered in mist!) It isn’t the course with the most elevation (that is London West) but it certainly is one of the most beautiful.

It was great to see TMHQ bring an alpha test to course and not leave alpha testing to the end of the year as they historically do. It was also good to see they had listened to feedback and brought a water slide to course. Unfortunately the tarpaulin ripped early on Saturday which meant they had to close the obstacle. I had a go and it was awesome. Let’s hope they improve it and bring another slide back to course. Who doesn’t love a slide?!

The weather was awful, so I didn’t stay around the village too long, but the party was in full swing, music, freebies and a spectator bar!

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