361° Europe Sensation 4 review

As a 361° Europe ambassador, I have been gifted the Sensation 4. However, this has not influenced my review, nor does 361° Europe have any editorial capacity on this post.

361° Europe Sensation 4 – a mild stability running shoe

What 361° Europe says about the Sensation 4

Mild stability platform for those who want to experience a more dynamic ride. Featuring a Morphit sleeve providing a secure midfoot fit.

• Lightweight and seamless double jacquard mesh for maximum ventilation and comfort.
• Forefoot offers a newly designed vamp with more volume promoting natural foot movement and increased efficiency.
• Dynamic stability is achieved by pairing a medial post with our integrated lightweight QU!K Spine shank for support.
• Powered by full length QU!KFOAM midsole to provide excellent cushioning and a smooth comfortable ride.

My thoughts

Since May, I have run just over 150km in the Sensation 4. This admittedly is less than I would usually have done, but I’m currently in training for a half marathon and so I usually stick to the Spire 3 as I intend to run in them for the HM. However, 100km is enough for me to give my thoughts on their “feel”.

Firstly, I have been a big fan of the Sensation 3, but even within 12 months and the next generation of the Sensation 4, there have been a few major improvements which I feel give a much more comfortable, yet “secure” ride.

The upper is one piece, no seams means there is less chance of any discomfort due to stitching or coming away at the seams. There is a small carbon fibre spine along the shoe (from mid foot backwards) which helps to give the shoe rigidty and most importantly gives you stability and support. The V ridged design of the sole gives the shoe fantastic flexibility and “feel”, helping to retain natural ground contact whilst pushing off. The inner has a “Morphit” sleeve – ensuring your foot is comfortably secured to the trainer. It really feels like a snug fit!​ One thing I have noticed (and it may be a small thing) is the laces – these are great quality and have a “spongy” feel to them. For some reason, compared to “cheap” laces they don’t come loose by themselves. It’s weird to describe and maybe I’ll just have to show you!

Finally, the colour ways are awesome, my grey pair with orange highlights are absolutely gorgeous whilst there are two other colour ways to choose from. Oh, and for those with a wider foot – you’re covered too, the 361° Europe Sensation 4 does come in a “wide” sku.

I have a neutral gait, so the stability features don’t benefit me (I have been informed I can run in neutral or stable shoes). But I can definitely get on board with the really comfortable and secure feel of the Sensation 4.

The 361 Europe Sensation 4 Stats

  • Size: 6-12
  • Weight: 243g
  • Drop: 9mm
  • Stack:
  • F/F: 16.2mm
  • R/F: 25.2mm

You can find out more about the 361° Europe Sensation 4 from the 361Europe.com website

Wil Chung