Tough Mudder Scotland 2019 Race Recap

Tough Mudder Scotland returned to Drumlanrig Castle, Thornhill, near Dumfries. This year, the course returned to one, 8 mile lap and pretty much took in all the hills of the area! Some fantastic views from the top of the hill, only matched by Tough Mudder Yorkshire (see last years review)

The Obstacles

  • Over Tired – A jump across a trench of water and a climb up and over an A Frame with the use of Tires and ropes.
  • Hydrophobia – 3 full submersions under large pipes. Unfortunately there was a leak on the Saturday so was closed for the rest of the weekend
  • Bale Bonds – Climb over 3 stacks of hay bales all stacked at different heights
  • Spread Eagle – Traverse across slacklines over a pool of water
  • Leap of Faith – A jump across a large, deep trench of water using a hanging cargo net or climbing rope
  • Entrapment – a very low crawl under electric wires
  • Hero Carry – piggy back and switch with your partner
  • Arctic Enema – full submersion in an ice/water bath
  • Hero Walls – Scale three walls (4ft, 8ft and 10ft high) either solo with with the help of your team mates
  • Devil’s Beard – Long crawl under a cargo net and up hill. Due to the untimely demise of Hydrophobia on Saturday, the parts were used to upgrade Devil’s Beard on the Sunday with additional obstacles under the nets.
  • Swamp Stomp – Not quite so swampy this weekend – the dry weather made for just a “stomp”
  • Mud Mile – Deep muddy trenches
  • Sewer Rat – crawl through a pipe into a natural pond
  • Black Widow – Traverse across intertwining slack lines
  • Cage Crawl – Pull yourself through a pool of water with only a few inches of space between the water and the fence over the top
  • Funky Monkey – Traverse across a large pool of water using monkey bars and hanging platforms
  • Kiss of Mud – A barbed wire crawl through mud
  • Hold Your Wood – Carry a telegraph pole with yoru team mates
  • Texas Hold ’em – cross a trangular platform which looks deceptively simple, but needs coordination and communication with your partner
  • Everest – Quarter pipe ramp with three different heights for three different challenges
  • Agustus Gloop – A climb up a ladder with a powerful shower of water raining down on you
  • The Gauntlet (AKA Whopper) – Tough Mudder’s longest obstacle made up of balance beam, arm hop, monkey bars and finger board
  • Pyramid Scheme – It takes a team to get up Pyramid scheme!
  • Mudder Horn – Giant A frame which is over 50ft high. Great views of the village from the top
  • Electroshock Therapy – 10,000 volts of electricity in the 20m gauntlet run of hanging wires.

My Thoughts – B-

A good looking course with great views and elevation. All of the Tough Mudder classic obstacles and definitely much improved from the two laps from 2018.

It was a shame that there were issues with Hydrophobia, but Tough Mudder did well in using the parts and “upgrading” Devil’s beard to a much more difficult and “fun”(?) obstacle. Its clear that Tough Mudder are trying and each course brings a new/improved obstacle ensuring the level of difficulty is challenging for all. Swamp Stomp was just a stomp – even with all the rain there wasn’t nearly enough to make the mud pit.

The weather was not on our side, we went back to the ranch pretty swiftly and didn’t experience the fantastic festival atmosphere which has been apparent at all the TM villages thus far.

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