Tough Mudder North London – Finsbury Park – April 2022

Finsbury Park played host to Tough Mudder North London, the 2022 Tough Mudder season opener. Previously this venue was named a “City” event in which the philosphy was that participants could get to the venue by public transport and not worry about getting muddy or wet. But no more! The events are now just designated 5km and 10km courses (read more about them here) and includes some of the main obstacles from the former Classic events and participants, whilst probably not going to be muddy, will certainly get wet! Arctic Enema is a full submersion and you cant really complete Augustus Gloop without getting wet. On the 10km route, there was also Cage Crawl. Of course, any obstacle can be skipped on Tough Mudder, but just be prepared to get wet.

Event village was packed with food vendors and the sponsors. New for 2022 include a fun 360 spinny thingy which you can strap yourself in for to win a Fireball prize. Covered changing areas was also available – but be careful, quite a tight squeeze when busy.

For a full recap of the course, check out the Youtube video below!

Tough Mudder Finsbury Park YouTube video recap

Tough Mudder Finsbury Park Obstacles

A great mix of obstacles and an introduction of “larger” obstacles from the main events – Augustus Gloop, Tipping Point and Arctic Enema being the headliners, whilst MudderHorn returns with the 3 story height previously only seen on the main courses. Some fun obstacles – Pyramid Scheme and a “proper” cry baby (complete with menthol gas!). Personally I think they should turn up the shock on ElectroShockTherapy to match the main courses, but thats just a personal preference.

  • 1 – Minefield
  • 2 – Texas Hold ’em
  • 3 – Devil’s Beard
  • 4 – Skidmarked
  • 5 – Black Widow (10km only)
  • 6 – Cry Baby (10km only)
  • 7 – Pyramid Scheme (10km only)
  • 8 – The Gauntlet (10km only)
  • 9 – Cage Crawl (10km only)
  • 10 – Hero Carry
  • 11 – Walk this Way
  • 12 – Ladder to Hell
  • 13 – Hero Walls
  • 14 – Kinky Tunnels
  • 15 – Tipping Point
  • 16 – Arctic Enema
  • 17 – Mudderhorn
  • 18 – Augustus Gloop
  • 19 – Everest
  • 20 – Electroshock Therapy

The 5km route is a lot more fun as it hosted 16 obstacles, whilst those taking on the 10km route were treated to only an extra 4 obstacles which meant a lot more running between obstacles – lets be fair, we do obstacle courses for the obstacles, not the running. Finsbury Park is pretty tight on space so there was a lot of looping around for both the 5km and 10km version. Having previously done Morden and Clapham, these venues dont seem to loop as much.

Final Thoughts

A fantastic season opener! 5km is so much more fun than the 10km, so if its just a choice of one or the other, take the 5km option. The City style events always bring a different vibe to Tough Mudder (especially the Friday evenings) and it’s really worth looking one up if you have never participated before. Later this year is Morden Park (August) and Manchester, Heaton Park (October).

If you are reading this and looking to do Finsbury Park (Morden, or Manchester) for the first time, my one piece of advice is to bring a towel to dry off and a change of clothes. So many people were going home in their wet gear!

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