New Tough Mudder distances for 2022

Tough Mudder have changed up the distances of its Obstacle races, whilst making them universal and less confusing for participants (was a Tough Mudder Half a “Half marathon? Nope!). The new distances, I believe offer a challenge for all types of obstacle course runner, from the newbie to the ultra runner. From 2021 brings Tough Mudder 5km and Tough Mudder 15km (previously known as “full” or “classic” and usually between 8 – 10 miles) and a new distance – Tough Mudder 10km. Toughest Mudder (12 hours over night) and World’s Toughest Mudder (24 hours) is now joined by Tough Mudder Infinity – an 8 hour Ultra which starts at 7.30am. Learn more about each distance below – and if I have tempted you to run any of the Tough Mudder distances for the first time, see down below for my Tough Mudder Discount Code saving you 20% off your ticket!

Tough Mudder 5km

A carry over from 2021 with Tough Mudder 5km being an “introduction” to Tough Mudder. A shorter distance for those either new to obstacle course running (OCR) or new to running in general and using it as a target to getting fit. Tough Mudder 5km is available across the Tough Mudder event weekends unlike the 15km or 10km distances which are only available on one of the days. Tough Mudder Showcase Obstacles include ElectroShock Therapy and Everest across a total of 13 obstacles over the course.

Tough Mudder 10km

10km is a new distance for Tough Mudder. Previously there was only 5km and Classic (10 miles / 16km). The 10km distance makes sense as its a good bridge between 5km and 15km – I can see how going from 5km straight to 15km could be daunting for some. The 10km distance is only available on the Sunday of the event weekends (in the UK, this may be different elsewhere). Tough Mudder Showcase Obstacles include Arctic Enema and Block Ness as well as those included on the 5km course with a total of 20 obstacles.

Tough Mudder 15km

Tough Mudder 15km is the course that Tough Mudder is best known for. It replaces the “Classic” course from 2021 and also previously named the “Full”. The distance now seems to be standardised (we will see once we get on course) as previously the “Classic” course was advertised at “between 8 and 10 miles”. As well as the showcase obstacles from the 5km and 10km courses, the 15km course will also have Electric Eel, Cage Crawl and (my favourite) Funky Monkey. Across the 15km course, there will be a total of 30 obstacles. The course is only available on the Saturday of event weekends in the UK

Tough Mudder Infinity

Tough Mudder Infinity is a new addition to the Endurance Series and, in short, allows participants to “multi-lap” across a total of 9 hours (starting at 7.30am and finishes at 4.30pm). Unlike Toughest Mudder, Infinity is run through the day, and will have around 6,000 other mudders helping them when on course throughout the day. It will also be warmer than running through the evening – both of these will bring a new dimension to Tough Mudder Infinity. Participants must complete the first 15km lap, but once this has been done, they can choose between the 5km or 15km route. Participants must complete 20km to be seen as an official finisher, whilst different awards are given out depending on the total distance completed up to 60km. Just like Toughest Mudder, there will be rules for obstacle completion along with penalties if participants are unable to successfully complete.

Toughest Mudder

Toughest Mudder returns, but in the UK, is moving from the original venue of Tough Mudder Midlands to Tough Mudder North West. The event is run over 12 hours – 8pm – 8am on a 10km course (it used to be 5 mile). As before, there will be a set of rules governing completion with a number of “must completes” and / or penalties.

World’s Toughest Mudder

The grand daddy of obstacle races! 24 hours of 10km laps (again, previously 5 miles) from 12noon Saturday through to 12noon Sunday. This year, World’s Toughest Mudder has moved to Pensacola, Florida. Hopefully (for me) a little warmer than Atlanta especially through the evening – it would be nice not to have to wear a wet suit through the night for a change!

Holy Grail and Unholy Grail

The Holy Grail and Unholy Grail aren’t distances per se. They are awards for completing certain races within a given time period.

Holy Grail (a 9″ steel chalice) is awarded to participants that have completed Tough Mudder Infinity (min of 20km), Toughest Mudder (min of 20km and on site at 7am) and World’s Toughest Mudder (official 24 hour finisher)

Unholy Grail (customer t shirt and medal) is awarded to participants completing the following over the Toughest Weekend (two chances – North West in the UK and Philadelphia in the US) – Tough Mudder Inifinity (min 20km) on Saturday, Toughest Mudder (min 40km) overnight and then Tough Mudder 10km and 5km on the Sunday – a minimum total distance of 75km across the weekend which could last around 30 hours in total.

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