Tough Mudder London South 2019 Race recap

Tough Mudder London South 2019 was the finale of the Tough Mudder UK “Classic” season. (There is one final 5km Urban event at Clapham Common, London in October). Based near Crawley, it’s really convenient for southern particpants wanting their Tough Mudder action.

This course has always been my favourite – relatively flat and with a “clover leaf” design – meaning that with participants run diffferent loops, but always coming back to a central point. This makes it the most specator friendly course, getting to see most of the major obstacles all within a very short walking distance from each other

The added factor for Tough Mudder London South 2019 was the “Fear five” bringing 5 obstacles to face your fears:

  • Shawshanked – Fear of falling
  • Electric Eel – Fear of electricity
  • Mudderhorn – Fear of heights
  • Cage Crawl – Fear of water
  • Cry Baby – fear of enclosed spaces

Cry Baby was an obstacle I had only seen in my first Tough Mudder back in 2015 whilst shawshanked and electric eel had not been featured in the 2019 season. See all the obstacles and the course in my YouTube video below

Video Recap of Tough Mudder London South 2019

Tough Mudder London South 2019 Race Recap
  • Kiss of Mud – Barbed wire crawl through mud and water
  • Overtired – Climb over A frame using tires and ropes
  • Hero Walls – three sets of walls at different heights
  • Tight Squeeze – pit crawl underneath pipes to keep you low to the ground
  • Devil’s Beard – cargo net crawl over and through various other obstacles
  • Everest – quarter pipe ramp with three different levels
  • Arctic Enema – ice bath with full submersion (twice)
  • Texas Hold Em – simple teamwork obstacle to traverse a long pyramid
  • Hold your Wood – grab a telegraph pole with your team and carry it around a loop
  • Mud Mile – mud pits and mounds
  • Pyramid Scheme – Climb up large A frame using your friends as a climbing frame
  • Cry Baby – crawl through a pit of menthol vapours
  • Leap of Faith – Cross a trench of water by jumping on to a rope ladder
  • Hero Carry – Piggy back your friend and then switch
  • Electric Eel – crawl through a long trench of water which also has electrified wires trailing down
  • Cage Crawl – Pull yourself through a pool of water, facing the sky and using the cage to get through it
  • Funky Monkey – Monkey bars over water
  • Killa Gorilla – switch backs across a hill
  • Spread Eagle – strapline traverse
  • Block Ness Monster – Spinning blocks which needs a team to get across them
  • Shawshanked – Pipe crawl up and drop into a pit of water
  • Agustus Gloop – Climb up a ladder whilst a shower of water rains down
  • The Gauntlet – 3 obstacles in one including balance beam, climbing wall and ledge traverse
  • Mudderhorn – Climb the 14m A frame with some awesome views at the top
  • Pitfall – wade through a pool of water with hidden deeper holes
  • Electro Shock Therapy – run the gauntlet through 10,000 volts of electricity

Final Thoughts

Tough Mudder was always my favourite course and 2019 is no exception. The “Fear 5” was a nice addition – with some classics brought back on course – although I would have preferred “Walk the Plank” which was on course last year.

As I had already mentioned, the clover leaf design is great from a specatator point of view. Within 5 minutes walk of the main village, specatators can see Devil’s Beard, BlockNess, Shawshanked, Agustus Gloop and Funky Monkey all in close proximity. Whilst the village layout ensured that specators could see Mudderhorn, Pitfall and Electro shock therapy.

The village was rocking and Tough Mudder also ensured there was a large screen TV for those wanting to keep up with the Rugby World Cup.

If there is one Tough Mudder in the UK you go to, I suggest this is the one!

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