Newline Sports Imotion kit review

I have been fortunate enough to test a range of Imotion running tops from Newline Sports courtesy of New Running Gear

Newline Sports is a sportswear brand from Denmark, founded in the 80s. Inspired by parachute material, the brand’s core values focus on functional apparel.

For the past few months, I have been training and running in two different tops in the Newline Sports Imotion range – the Imotion Windbreaker shirt and the Imotion Tee. The Imotion line “fuses functionality and a fashionable look.” Looking at the apparel I received, I would definitely agree with that.

Newline Sports Imotion tops

Newline Sports Imotion tops

The Imotion Tee is a light weight polyester material, with a really soft cotton like feel. I’ve worn it on several occasions, in races, treadmill and in the gym. It’s actually so comfortable and “stylish” that I wore it on a night out! XD (See, I told you I agreed with the “fashionable” statement.)

Newline sports Imotion night out

Newline sports Imotion night out

I really like the feel of the t shirt, it was light – almost a canvas style lightness, allowing the moisture to wick away, but as importantly, the breeze to cool the core. Definitely a “go-to” training t shirt, especially in the warmer weather where keeping cool is a priority.

The long sleeve top is the Imotion WindBreaker shirt. The jersey has a “tailored fit” – Newline describes this as “body cut” however it was a good tight fit, but without being “base layer tight”.  Like the Tee, the shirt is made of polyester, with the main body of the shirt feeling like a thicker style lycra – stretchy without being too clingy to the skin. The genius part of the Windbreaker shirt, was the additional “windbreaker” material (also polyester I believe) which acts like a barrier to the wind. Moving quickly – like running, this was really useful and helped to keep the core temperature up. This Jersey really came in handy in my Equinox24 race through the night when the temperature dropped and there was a light breeze across the fields. Not quite as stylish as the Imotion Tee (I wouldn’t necessarily be wearing it out to a night club) but definitely a good looking, and very useful piece of kit in the spring / autumn or to layer up with in Winter.

Thank you to New Running Gear  for the gear to review. You can follow them on Instagram


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