5 Reasons to join a running club

After enjoying OCR in 2016, I decided I wanted to improve my running and perhaps be more competitive in races. I had also signed up for my first half marathon and first endurance run (Europe’s Tough Mudder) so it was essential i was prepped for those. Joining Newcastle (Staffs) AC has has helped me do just that. Here are my five top reasons for joining a running club.

  1. Improve your running – This was my main reason for joining Newcastle (Staffs) AC. As above, I signed up for my first half marathon and my first endurance event. Google and Facebook groups can only take you so far, but your fellow members with collectively thousands of miles of experience, are full of advice and tips.
  2. Support – The support from all club members is amazing, whether you are asking for advice about distances, gear or races, there’s a seasoned runner that can offer their advice. When you’re running in the club colours, there are always supporters offering their encouragement – “Great running Newcastle!”, “Nearly there Wil.”
  3. Structured training – Newcastle AC is open 4 days a week – 2 evenings are track evenings and 2 are road running groups. This helped to structure my training program for my half marathon and ensure it remained varied rather than just running the same route each time.
  4. New friendships – The demand of work and moving to a new city meant it was tough to meet new people. Running clubs are a fantastic way to meet with people who share your passion for running and exercise.
  5. Motivation & Inspiration – The club is full of experienced and enthusiastic runners. If you’re surrounded by enthusiasm, you’re more likely to run long-term, instead of depending solely on your own motivation. Seeing what others you have achieved will inspire you to keep training.

These are my top five reasons for joining a running club, I know there are dozens more and personal to each runner. If you haven’t considered joining a running club, I would heartily recommend taking the opportunity to run with the group and join up.


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