500km review of the 361 Europe Spire 5

I’ve been running in the 361° Spire 5 for the past 6 months and have logged over 500 kilometers in them. The Spire series have been my favourite mode within the 361 Europe range, with the Spire 4 being my”go-to” over Covid – having 3 different pairs and running a total of around 1500km. However, there are big differences between the 4 and 5 series in which they’re almost a different model altogther.

Spire 4 to Spire 5

The Spire 5 has a few key differences from the previous model, the Spire 4. The most notable difference is the midsole. The Spire 5 uses a new midsole foam material called Qu!kFlame, which is an updated mix of Qu!kFoam and is known for its durability and responsiveness. Paired with Qu!kSpring and it provides a very smooth and comfortable ride. The Spire 5 also has a slightly lower drop than the Spire 4, but its the increase in overall stack height of the midsole which makes the biggest diffderence in feel between the two models. This is witin the current trend of running shoes and helps with comfort and responsiveness of the shoe, but also gives you a “rocking” feeling from toe to heel which is much more pronounced as I cycle shoes especially with my older pair of Meraki and when I use the Fierce 2 when Im in the gym.

In terms of fit, the Spire 5 fits true to size. The upper is made of a breathable mesh that provides plenty of ventilation. The tongue is padded and helps to lock the foot in place. Overall, the fit is very comfortable and secure. They say never race in anything new, but after only a 7km first run in them, my reconrd run was a 60km ultra – Sunrise to Sunset Challenge in which I ran for a total of 8 hours  for the 60km laps. My feet were tired, of course, but no hotspots, blisters or other issues from running in the Spire 5.

On the road, the Spire 5 is a joy to run in. The Qui!kFlame midsole provides a soft and cushioned ride, while the stack height and the mentioned curved outsole help to propel you forward. The shoe is also very stable – best for those “neutral” runners. I’ve used the Spire 5 in a number of races including getting new PBs in a Half Marathon and 10km this year.


Overall, the 361° Spire 5 is a significant improvement over the 361° Spire 4. The upper seems to dry off quicker than the 4 did, whilst It’s lighter (although only marginally) and more comfortable. 

A shoe that’s perfect for runners who are looking for a daily trainer or for those going for longer distances such as 10km / Half Marathon / Marathon. If this sounds like the type of running you are doing and in the market – it’s worth giving them a try,


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