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I have been fortunate to be selected to try out a new range of nutritional products  created specifically for endurance athletes from Project E2 – a British nutrition company based in the North West. As I am working towards World’s Toughest Mudder, I thought this was a perfect opportunity to test out their products. If you’re interested in trying out their products, I have a discount code (good for 2018) at the bottom of the page!

I’ve been using the products for a few months now, whilst I was targeting Europe’s Toughest Mudder – an 8 hour Obstacle Endurance race, in which I was targeting 30 miles (6 laps) within the 8 hour time limit. My nutrition had to be on point if I was going to last the distance.

The range is split into different categories:

  • Pre – Pre workout drink
  • Energy – Gels, Carbohydrate drink & Oat bars
  • Hydration – Tabs and powder
  • Recovery – Protein powder


  • PROJECT E2 Pre has a well developed formulation with a successful track history. It contains a fast-acting CHO blend combined with Arginine, Carnosyn, ViNitrox and caffine. I was given the lime and lemon version. One scoop in just 250ml of water gives a great boost before the race. Really tasty and easy on the stomach. I tried some before Newcastle 10km and it helped me to a course PB! The most surprising thing is that the mix turns a very dark colour when water is added!
  • Hydro Drink – comes in both tablet and powder form (I was given the powder to try). It’s designed to offer users an electrolyte hit to keep their body from feeling the adverse effects of low levels in the body. It contains Cocomineral (a  trademarked coconut water powder which is a natural isotonic delivering natural sugars and salts to the body) magnesium, potassium, calcium and sodium to ensure your body is fully hydrated with the right balance of minerals. I use this on day to day runs, but as they also have 100 calories per serving, I used it as my hydration for Europe’s Toughest Mudder as they assisted keeping my energy levels up
  • PROJECT E2 Hydro Gels are a reincarnation of the award winning CNP Hydro Gel, featuring natural fruit juice, coconut water and B Vitamins, designed for those who may get stomach issues with normal gels. There was more fluid in these compared to the energy gel – helping you to remain hydrated on the longer sessions. Im not a fan of pineapple, but they were palatable!
  • PROJECT E2 Energy Gels have been developed to offer a high CHO formulation for the longer duration sessions/events, with added electrolytes and other beneficial ingredients to promote performance over long distances. These bad boys helped me get through Europe’s Toughest Mudder. I used one for most laps as well as taken some on course at the half way point. Small enough to fit in the belt and the easy tear top made it easy to open especially when half the time I was wearing neoprene gloves
  • PROJECT E2 Energy Bar has been developed to be reminiscent of actual food, not a sugary tough bar that you become sick of the sight of. I had the chocolate oat bars (250 calories per bar), and again helped me through Europe’s Toughest Mudder. When I didn’t feel like a gel in the pit, I ate a bar instead. They tasted great, very much like a real chocolatey flapjack. They are a little drier than the normal flapjacks, so I wouldn’t recommend eating and running at the same time. Would be good to use as a re-fuel snack when taking a break. The bars, as well as being a good source of carbs, also have vitamins B6 and B12 to help reduce fatigue.
  • PROJECT E2 Recover is an advance recovery protein shake, formulated and designed to replenish glycogen stores, supply protein to the muscles and aid both repair and development. The ingredients include whey protein, a mix of electrolytes, vitamin c and DigeZyme to help the body make use of the shake’s nutrients.  This has been my go to protein shake for post workouts. The chocolate flavour is gorgeous, whilst the shake doesn’t sit heavy like some other protein shakes.
  • PROJECT E2 Energy I have been so impressed with the products, I purchased this as part of my endurance racing. It has a blend of CHO, Electrolytes, and other performance ingredients designed for a longer duration session/race. With 300 calories per 500ml serving, the drink will help me keep going without the need for “food”. Energy contains Cluster Dextrin™ (This is a sustained-release CHO source, which has a fast gastric emptying allowing for a ‘drip-feed’ of energy, without the stomach issues). This was true – in my 3 hour practise run, the drink was perfect and not once through the day did I have any issues. Peak O2™ (This blend of Cordyceps derived from mushrooms, shown to increase power output, elongate workouts, and contribute towards better performance, through better O2 utilisation. The only thing I would mention is that the blend is quite sweet and diluting will reduce the flavour – but also the intensity of the nutrients.

PROJECT E2 is a range of high specification, endurance specific, sport nutrition products, designed for the athlete invested heavily into their performance. The range is perfect for me, running several ultra trail races, and “double lapping” Tough Mudder weekends, the range will keep me going.

If it’s something you would like to try out, use the discount code 25425 for 25% discount at checkout.

More information about Project E2 can be found on their website – whilst you can also follow them on all the social channels:

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