My anticipated races for 2017

Most anticipated for 2017!
I already have a good number of races booked for next year (early bird discount codes and all that), but I am really looking forward to these in particular.
Tough Mudder
Not only have they evolved some of their obstacles (Funky Munky 2.0 and Double Rainbow) but they have brought “Toughest Mudder” to the rest of the world. I signed up immediately and really looking forward to an 8 hour challenge.
Spartan Hurricane Heat
So the Spartan endurance series is coming to the UK including the 4 hour Hurricane Heat. This may not sound too difficult (although those that know Spartan will know they will bring a few surprises), but this late night test is being book ended by a Sprint and Super at both ends of the weekend. A truly epic endurance weekend.
I missed out on the first Toughest race in the UK this year, so I was sure not to miss out in 2017. I have already booked to hit up Toughest in Amsterdam over the Easter Weekend, but booked in for both UK races to be held in 2017. Doesn’t matter how many penalty runs I will have to do, I will be loving the Toughest Experience to see where I need to improve.
Hope to see you out there in 2017!
Wil Chung