Fitness goals for 2017

Even though I have booked fewer Obstacle races this year, it hasn’t stopped me from wanting to set fitness goals for myself. I have booked a few more road races (sometimes its just too cold to get wet and muddy!) To help me get fitter and faster.

Anglesey 10km

Anglesey Half Marathon which was staged at Menai Bridge

They say that you have to write down your goals. So you can be accountable for them as well as look back and be smug that you have achieved them (or at least started to work towards them!). Here are my fitness goals for 2017:

  • Hit 1,000km running (I did 500km in 2016)
  • Run the Liverpool Rock ‘n’ Roll Half marathon in sub 1h 50m pace (completed – see my post here
  • Get as close to a 20min 5km (current fastest time is 22.58)
  • Get down to 45min 10km (current fastest time is 46.30)
  • Stay fit and healthy
  • Reduce the my sugar intake (probably the most difficult of my goals!)

So what am I doing to achieve the fitness goals?

  • Body Combat on a Monday evening
  • Body Combat or B Functional Extreme or Running Club on a Wednesday evening
  • Track sessions on a Thursday
  • Long(er) run on a Saturday (Going to be very disrupted once I get into OCR season)

I love Les Mills Body Combat so I don’t want to give it up. It also helps with my strength and conditioning in a different way to B Functional Extreme (functional circuit training). However, to really help improve my running, I have joined an athletics club to give me an extra motivation – Newcastle (Staffs) AC and I’m also thinking of getting some strength training equipment installed at home, just to make sure I prepare myself . Only done one run with them so far, but they seem a friendly bunch!

Want to follow my progress? Follow me on Strava!

So here’s to 2017 and I hope towards the end, I can give you a positive update on my goals.

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