What I’ll miss about Airfield Anarchy Epic Weekend

End of an era

Airfield Anarchy have recently announced the end of their races with the final race “Biggles Last stand” in September. Having done two “Epic Weekends” and other races from Airfield Anarchy, it’s a race which is hard to replace. Here’s my thoughts why:

  • Three races over the weekend – Epic Weekend brought a 5km, 10km and 10mile series of races. A OCR smorgasbord for all. The 5km for the newbie through to all three for the OCR veteran.
  • No laps – It would be really easy just to lap the 5km course, but Airfield Anarchy just added extra distance and obstacles to each race – definitely more interesting than just 6 laps for the Epic racer. My personal preference was for the 10km race. Most of the obstacles at an achievable distance. As a non runner, the 10 mile distance without a huge amount of extra obstacles was really challenging.
  • The medals – especially last year’s – all three inter-linking to create one scene. Although this year’s has come into some criticism from some for being small, I still liked the cut out design and detail.
  • The festival – not only were there 3 races, but a real festival, lots of music (Scouting for Girls headlined in 2016) fairground and a ton of stuff to do in between and after the races. This year it partnered with “Retrofest” bringing a different atmosphere, but still fun with great live music.
  • The location – easy for many people being in the Midlands and accessed by the A1 and A46. But for me, just 10 minutes from my parents home!
  • Wave times – first wave started at 11am. Late for many races, but so much more convenient for racers. I managed to go do Newark Park Run and still have time to get back, changed and ready for the first 5km wave. (especially when nursing a hangover on the Sunday)
  • Price – early bird ticket for the Epic weekend and camping came in at less than £100. Cheaper than pretty much any three race series and still cheaper than some races.
  • Take off – one of the best obstacles in all races in the UK. As tall as 2 double decker buses and starting off at around 80 degree angle, Take Off was Airfield Anarchy’s signature obstacle.

Unfortunately I am already double booked for “Biggles Last Stand” in September, but I urge anyone with a free weekend to check this out and “Take off” one last time. It promises to be one helluva good bye.

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