12 photos to inspire you to do your first Tough Mudder

We all love photos for the social media brag – Hell I am as bad as many to post photos on my Instagram feed. Here are a selection of 12 Tough Mudder photos that will inspire you to do your first one!

Pyramid Scheme 2.0 – It’s all about Team work and Camaraderie – the two driving mantras around completing a Tough Mudder. #TougherTogether

BlockNess – One of my all-time favourite Tough Mudder obstacles. Although it’s possible to complete alone, its much more fun with friends

Tough Mudder Yorkshire EST

Electro Shock Therapy – A favourite of mine (I have no idea why) but it’s fun to watch others…

Kiss of Mud – Keep your ass down and crawl, roll and smile for the camera

Mudmile – Maybe not quite a mile, but will certainly be muddy!

Tough Mudder North Germany Everest

Everest – A challenge for newbies and legionnaires alike

Photo Credits – Epic Action Imagery

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