Warrior Assault, Nottingham 2019 Race Recap

Warrior Assault Nottingham, was based a the National Water Sports Centre, Holmepierrepoint, just outside Nottingham. I ran a “sister” event called Urban Revolution in Salford so had an idea of the types of obstacles on offer. “Take Off” their gigantic water slide was the main selling point of the event – if you take nothing else from this review – you have to do Take Off at least once in your life.

Rather than being a “muddy” obstacle course run, Warrior Assault places the emphasis on the challenging obstacles, the local terrain and water for the particpants to enjoy. The course was 5km (people could do as many laps as they wanted) with Take off based at the end for all the spectators to see.

Watch the YouTube video below to see the Warrior Assault course in action

Warrior Assault Obstacle List

  • Hurdles
  • 4ft walls
  • Pond wade (up to the waist)
  • 4ft walls
  • Tyre scramble
  • Balance Beam
  • Tyre Mangle
  • Pond wade (up to the waist)
  • Log Carry
  • Tyre Hurdle
  • Sand bag throw
  • Under wall crawl
  • Pipe Crawl
  • Tall Wall (7ft maybe)
  • Under-Over-Through (A trio of walls where you have to crawl under the first, climb over the second and through the middle of the third)
  • Monkey Bars
  • Tall Wall (7ft maybe)
  • Sandbag carry (with a bit of a switch back up and down a hill)
  • Barbed Wire Crawl
  • A-Frame – Really tall with a great view of the rowing lake from the top)
  • Uphill Tyre Traverse
  • River wade (about 4ft deep, possibly a tad more)
  • Tornado – a series of walls and ramps for participants to choose their difficulty
  • Take off – Mega water slide with vertical drop!


Warrior Assault is a really enjoyable course and I managed to get it at the awesome early bird price of £20 so REALLY great value. Loved the medal and the fact you could run as many laps as you wanted (I only did one, it was wet and rainy!)

I have yet to see photos, but for me, its not so much of an issue, but if it was someone’s first time then I would think they would want some other memento of the day with some awesome action shot. The last few obstacles were in the village to allow specatators to get before, after and some action shots at least. Another grumble would be the very slow registration – there was a small issue with the wind and I would say they didn’t have enough volunteers – both of these a little unforgiveable as it’s not Warrior Assault’s first event.

There were a few stores around the village including their charity partner, a couple of food vans and the warm up was a bit of fun with the PT to get things going.

I would definitely do Warrior Assault again – just for Take Off – it really is the best water slide in the UK. Really good value and great fun for the weekend warrior and challenging enough for the first timer.

Wil Chung