Why Tough Mudder 5km in the City should be your first obstacle race

The introduction of a new Obstacle Course Race series from Tough Mudder, 5km in the city, is the perfect introduction of OCR (obstacle course race) to first timers. Here’s 5 reasons why.

  • It’s Tough Mudder – Possibly the best known brand in the world. Here in the UK, each event weekend welcomes around 20,000 participants. Tough Mudder know how to put on obstacle races for the masses. With so many runners, you can be sure the race is well organised and that the obstacles are built to stand up to the punishment of 250,000 bodies climbing over them each year.
  • Location – The “In the city” series was just that – easy to get to City Park locations across the country to entice more participants who may not want to travel far for their first race. This year the are 5 locations, but I am sure with the success of the new “In the City” series, Tough Mudder will be visiting more cities in 2019. 
  • Obstacles – Tough Mudder know how to put on obstacle races and thy definitely know how to build obstacles. 5km in the City has the right balance of obstacles (10 over 5km) that are fun,  challenging enough for first timers, whilst having the all important Tough Mudder element of “Team Work”. Skid Marked, Hero Walls and Pyramid Scheme are where team work is required, whilst Hanging Out, Giant A Hole and Everest are the more challenging elements. This race series made a big noise about having no mud, water or electric shocks. Something that could have put off first time participants from entering an OCR. The added bonus that people could then finish the obstacle course, enjoy the event village before going home on public transport without the need to change.
Touh Mudder 5km in the city Manchester Wil Chung Hanging out
  • Atmosphere – The event village was tightly packed with plenty of things to do, whilst 3 obstacles and the finish line were around the perimeter. This meant that spectators (free entry) could enjoy the bar and other entertainment whilst waiting for their friends and family to finish. The inclusion of a live DJ and MC added to the atmosphere. On course, 80% of people were running an OCR for the first time, so everyone was getting to grips with the new challenges facing them, whilst helping everyone up and over too.
  • Value for Money – Prices for the 5km started from £25. Included in the price is the race, photos, finisher t shirt, finisher drink and that all important headband. Whilst in the village there were plenty of other freebies from the vendors.
See my video run through of the obstacles at Tough Mudder 5km in the City, Manchester.

Hopefully the video above will entice you to take on your first ever obstacle race. If you’re interested in your first Tough Mudder, you have to be quick as there are now only two Tough Mudder 5km in the City venues left:

  • Edinburgh – 25th August
  • Clapham Common, London – 12th/13th October

Or you can just jump straight into your first Half or Full event – read more about the Tough Mudder formats  in an earlier post

Touh Mudder 5km in the city Manchester Wil Chung Hanging out

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