Toughest Race Oslo 2019 Race Recap

Toughest Race is a Swedish obstacle race series with races across Scandanavia. One of their destination races is Toughest Race, Oslo, based at the Holmenkollen Ski Slope venue with the finish line at the top of the downhill ski slope.

This was my third Toughest Race (you can read about Amsterdam here) and I was keen to take on another after a year break to see how I have improved my obstacle technique as well as finish at the top of the world famous ski slope.

Toughest Race is an obstacle race, different from other “competative” race series. A number of obstacles have the “fast lane” a more challenging version of the original obstacle – Salmon ladder instead of a rope climb for example. If the participant can complete this obstacle, they can run on, if they complete the usual route, they are slowed down by a number of crawls or walls. There are penalty loops for some obstacles that cannot be completed (Super Ramp for example). This mix ensures that the more accomplished racers are rewarded with great times, whilst the weekend warriors (like myself) can enjoy the race.

There are, of course, plenty of “fun” obstacles like the Super Jump (Tall platform jump into a lake via a small trampoline)

I loved how the course comes back into the village each couple of km. Logisitcally it means just one large water station, whilst specatators get to see participants regularly. Within striking distance of the village was the Super Ramp, Dragon’s Back Hanging walls, Shoulder Dip and of course the finish line, so specators can get plenty of photos of the competitors.

Obstacle List

  • Cargo Net A Frame
  • Hay Bales
  • Sternum Checker
  • Sandbag Carry
  • Walls
  • Hanging Rings (Fast Lane – Double Distance)
  • Dragon’s Back
  • Hanging Wall (Fast Lane – No foot holds)
  • Super Jump
  • Hanging Ladder
  • Balance Beam
  • Rings
  • Monkey Bars (Fast Lane – Flying Monkey)
  • Rope Climb (Fast Lane – Salmon Ladder)
  • Vertical Swinging Wheels (Fast Lane – Horizontal Wheels)
  • Practice Slope climb 1
  • Walls
  • Giant Steps
  • Hanging Bars (Fast Lane – Hanging Nunchuks)
  • Irish Table
  • Walls
  • Wreck Bag Carry
  • Pond Wade
  • Ninja Steps
  • Practice Slope climb 2
  • Wall Traverse
  • Petrol Can Carry
  • Super Ramp
  • Shoulder Dip
  • Ski Slope Climb


Be prepared for a lot of elevation gain! As well as the three climbs to the top of each slope, the course was very undulating to say the least.

For me, Toughest is an near perfect “race” series, fast courses over a relatively short course (8km) with technical running, technical obstacles and all a short walk from public transport.

The village was relatively small, with a few shops, registration and plenty of areas to sit. Toughest made great use of the stadium seating watching over the start-line. A good mix of food vendors serving all things sweet, savoury and liquid.

Personally I will be looking to do another Toughest next year, perhaps Oslo (I loved the course) but as a destination it’s more expensive than other countries I have visited for racing. I have been fortunate to do the Pippingford and Amsterdam and perhaps its time I went to the “home” of Toughest – Stockholm! (I love the city too)

Wil Chung