Tough Mudder Scotland 2023

Tough Mudder returned to Scotland in June 2023 and participants were treated to a rare weekend of sunshine (around 25C across both days) and a choice between 15km or 10km course. The event was touch and go as it wasn’t originally on the event list for 2023, however with some campaigning from the Scottish contingent, Tough Mudder found a way of making the event happen.

What followed was a big push to get participants engaged with free camping with “Apres Mud” (live DJ, party games and free beer courtesy of Brewdog) AND some Worlds Toughest Mudder obstacles on course. 

The free camping (usually at a cost of £25 for the weekend) also came with hot showers which has been a bit of a grumble for campers as usually it comes with a large expense to TMHQ.

I ran “infinity” (full course) on the Saturday and then ran with friends on the Sunday across the 10km route. 

Personally, I thought the route was free-flowing. Early on there is some great running trails to start ticking off the distance. However, when you look at the first 3km only have 2 obstacles, then for the first-timers, this is quite disheartening – especially when that distance also covers a lot of elevation. However, the obstacles generally came in packs of 2/3 – the flatter areas – as generally you’re going up or down around the Drumlanrig estate.

Obstacle placement was well thought out though, grip obstacles came before any wet obstacles (it woukd have been a nightmare going the other way around).

Worlds Toughest Mudder obstacles were a welcome introduction – Dingleberries (a cargo net monkey bar obstacle) and Dublin Walls (Irish Table – but Ive also seen this on course in the UK previously). WTM obstacles are being added to some UK courses to promote the craziness of WTM.

Staple obstacles Everest, Electroshoc Therapy, Mudderhorn and Blockness Monster were on course, but it was notable that Augustus Gloop and Funky Monkey were missing. 

A bug bear of mine  when it comes to “competative” events is the course – and this route was 17km rather than 15km – its quite a bit of extra distance to cover if you’re targeting a certain distance (and need to keep nutrition correct). The 5km was much longer in relative terms – 8km. For the “fun runner” and at any other course that is not Infinity, I would say “bring it on” but it’s not fair for runners who are aiming for specific targets. TBF to Tough Mudder, they honoured the extra distance.


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Tough Mudder Scotland 2023 Obstacle list

1 – Bale Bonds
2- Ladder to Hell
3 – Hold your Wood (15km only)
4 – Widows Peak (15km only)
5 – Hanging Tough (15km only)
6 – Electric Eel (15km only)
7 – Creek Crusade (15km only)
8 – Hero Carry (15km only)
9 – Just the Tip (15km only)
10 – Hydrophobia (15km only)
11 – Dublin Walls
12 – Birth Canal
13 – Twinkle Toes
14 – Skid Marked
15 – Devils Beard (15km only)
16 – Cage Crawl (15km only)
17 – Walk this Way (15km only)
18 – Sewer Rat
19 – Mud Mile
20 – Block Ness Monster
21 – Swamp Stomp
22 – Dingle Berries
23 – Cry Baby (15km only)
24 – Texas Hold Em
25 – Pyramid Scheme
26 – Arctic Enema
27 – Everest
28 – Kiss of Mud
29 – Mudderhorn
30 – Electroshock Therapy

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Tough Mudder Scotland final thoughts

Whilst Tough Mudder did their best on the course, I fear this may be the last time it appears in Scotland in this format. Drumlanrig is too far from any sizeable city (about 60 miles from Glasgow and 70 from Edinburgh) which reduces motivation for anyone to attend. 

With noticeably fewer participants than other courses and some noticeable ommissions to some of the larger (note more expensive) obstacles, it may have been the last hurrah.

The course was flowing, but 17km is too long for an infinity course (personal preference) and a lot of running at the beginning which may have demotivated many of the fun runners. 

However, I loved the change in course from the past couple of years. The addition of Electric Eel was interesting, was the staple of Everest, Arctic Enema (very needed in the weahter!) and Blockness Monster is always welcome. Not a huge fan of Dingleberries – tough on the hands! But is at least a decent alternative to Funky Monkey

However, the Apres Mud camping vibes and amazing sunshine weather, will ensure it is an event that will go down in history. If it does come back, I believe it will be an “urban” style event much like Heaton Park, Manchester or Finsbury Park, London.

Fingers crossed!

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8Expert Score
Sunny Scotland

Some really fun elevation gains through both routes, however 2 obstacles across the first three kilometres is a little light, especially for the "fun" runners. Makes it up with some amazing views and a more obstalce dense second half.

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Event Village
  • They made it to Drumlanrig!
  • Apres Mud
  • Dingleberries & Dublin Walls
  • 17km instead of 15km on an Infinity course
  • No Funky Monkey or Augustus Gloop
  • BIG blocks of running
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