Tough Mudder Midlands 2023

OMG – that heat – a carry over from Scotland and long may this awesome Summer continue! 

For Tough Mudder, a relatively flat course, but some elevation gain was made by climbing the 8m tall water slide – Slidin Dirty. Unfortunately it was stopped being used for some time on the Saturday and re-opened for runners on Sunday. 

Hero Walls was partnered with Dublin Walls (a wall with an overhanging ledge making it a little more difficult to get over) whilst the common inclusion of Pit Fall is always good for a laugh. Personally though, its not really all that fun going through the mud and then having to take on Hero walls – Sunday it would be particularly muddy and for those taking on Europes Toughest Mudder – many an accident there could have been from tiredness. However it was the same as last year, so I assume its safer than I believe it to be!

Cage Crawl is really evil this year, they’re really topping the water almost to the brim making it really challenging – no more “relaxing dip” as Tough Mudder is making all the obstacles that little bit more challenging (that doesn’t always mean harder!)

This does include Mud Mile at Midlands – much deeper trenches than usual (themounds didnt seem to deterioate as much as they usually do) and also doubled the distance by going one way and then the other. Truly horric!

Tough Mudder Midlands 2023 YouTube Video

Tough Mudder Midlands 2023 Obstacle list

1 – Bale Bonds
2 – Pit Fall
3 – Hero Walls
4 – Birth Canal
5 – BlockNess Monster
6 – Trench Warfare (15km & 10km)
7 – Hold your Wood (15km only)
8 – Cry Baby (15km only)
9 – Twinkle Toes (15km only)
10 – Electric Eel (15km only)
11 – Mine Field (15km only)
12 – Walk this Way (15km only)
13 – Pyramid Scheme(15km only)
14 – Hydrophobia
15 – Just the Tip (15km only)
16 – Funky Monkey (15km & 10km)
17 – Cage Crawl (15km & 10km)
18 – Creek Crusade
19 – Skidmarked
20 – Stairway to Heaven
21 – Everest
22 – Arctic Enema
23 – Devils Beard
24 – Killa Gorilla (15km & 10km)
25 – Augustus Gloop (15km & 10km)
26 – Kiss of Mud (15km & 10km)
27 – Mud Mile
28 – Skidin Dirty
29 – Mudderhorn
30 – Hanging Tough
31 – Electroshock Therapy

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Tough Mudder Midlands final thoughts

I do enjoy Tough Mudder at Midlands, its usually less muddy than most other courses, due to the nature of the venue and that many of the routes are well worn from the many other running events. 

There are some absolutely awesome views across the vale too, so its worth taking a breather in some places just to take in the landscapes. 

 The only part I dont like about Midlands is the zig zagging across the middle (if you know you know) it’s purely there to “make up the distance” but I am sure there are some more creative ways to get to the 15km distance. Actually, I think it was measure over, so there was no need! 🤣

Dedicated to Dan Lister celebrating his 40th birthday and 100th Tough Mudder this weekend. Also celebrating that it was Selina’s first (and hopefully not last) Tough Mudder.

Scores on the doors

8.2Expert Score
Muddy Midlands

Well when there is a slide, its always going to be awesome!

Course Route
Course Obstacles
Event Village
  • Slidin Dirty!
  • Cage Crawl was particularly evil
  • They had to close Slidin Dirty
  • Some zig zag of running to make up the distance
  • Pitfall into Hero Walls
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