Tough Mudder Ireland 2017 Race Review

Tough Mudder Ireland was my second European OCR and my first Tough Mudder outside of the UK. (Germany comes hot on the heels next week!). After being told of the horrendous rain and the “basic” course last year, I wasn’t expecting too much. But, the sun shone and the big obstacles were out, so all in all, really happy with Tough Mudder Ireland. Here’s why:

Start-line Gil was in full flow (with some terrible singing) so even though the warm up team was different, the event village that little bit smaller and things “the same but different”. Once you got over the Hero Walls (yes they were here before the start line like 2016!) then Gil was waiting to get us hyped up

The actual course lay out was pretty standard, most of the headline obstacles were in play including BlockNess (we stayed for quite a while helping people across), Arctic Enema (did this twice as you pass it on the return), Everest and Stage 5 Clinger (but not Reach Around). Funky Monkey and Agustus Gloop was missing, but Tough Mudder Ireland reached into the archive and pulled out Dead Ringer which was the Legionnaire obstacle retired in 2015

Tough Mudder Ireland 2017 Course Map

Tough Mudder Ireland 2017 Course Map


Apparently the course was different to 2016 and was very hilly! Some large hills including one around 3km which could have easily be called Cliff Hanger. With uphills, comes the down hills, and unfortunately the downhills were not as fun as they should have been as a lot of the terrain was “ankle turningly” rough – it was very muc a case of slow and steady – but even then, one of our group turned his ankle more than once.

Tough Mudder Ireland 2017 Elevation Map

Tough Mudder Ireland 2017 Elevation Map


The finish line swag was the usual goodies – Headband, T shirt, Trek Bar, Goodness Shake Protein Drink and water. However, rather than Kingston Press as in England, we were treated to an Alcohol Free Erdinger – I must admit, really tasty – so much nicer than the usual cider.

Tough Mudder Ireland 2017 Finish Line Beer

Tough Mudder Ireland 2017 Finish Line Beer

Photos – These will be coming soon, but we met the wandering photographer across the course, so rather than the usual obstacles for #HumbleBrag I should have some from Stage 5 Clinger and Arctic Enema!

What could have been better:

  • Not muddy at Kiss of Mud or Electro Shock Therapy!!!
  • Where was the Jeep DJ at Mud Mile?!
  • Only one lane for Cage Crawl – I am sure that would have backed up later on and I heard it was shallow for people to crawl through on their hands and knees on the Sunday
  • No MC / Commentator at the finish line.
  • Half Mudders going through KONG!!

In terms of logistics, I spent the weekend with the OCR Solo Mudders and flew in to Dublin Airport. Tough Mudder Ireland is based at Old Castle, around 1 hour drive from Dublin so a car is required to get there (no local public transport). We managed to find an awesome AirBnB place large enough for the 5 of us (more than enough for 7/8) which was only a short tram ride to the centre of Dublin. The flights cost me £65 (booked relatively late), AirBnB £107 (three nights) Car, Tolls & Petrol £25, Ticket £30 (volunteer) So just over £200 + food and drink.

Ultimately, I really enjoyed the course, but as it’s a difficult one to get to, I will most likely miss it next year now it’s been ticked off the list.

Roll on Germany!

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