Tough Mudder Finsbury Park 2023 recap

OMG – that mud!

Finsbury Park is the first Tough Mudder event of the UK season. Traditionally its an “urban” event which means little mud – but the constant downpours the week before meant that it became one of the muddiest events ever!

Tough Mudder promised to bring the “Tough” back and they surely did that. Small upgrades to the obstacles made many extra challenging. For example – no ledges on Pyramid Scheme and Mudderhorn meant you really needed teamwork to complete the obstacle. Water levels on Cage crawl were much higher so the gap to the chain link fence was much smaller

Video is from the 9.15am wave on Saturday after which the course became busier and busier (sell out on the Saturday!) with 8,000 running the course the whole weekend.

Tough Mudder Finsbury Park 2023 recap video

Tough Mudder Finsbury Park Obstacle List

    • 1 – MineField

    • 2 – Cry Baby (10km only)

    • 3 – Skidmarked (10km only)

    • 4 – Hanging Tough (10km oly)

    • 5 – Birth Canal (10km only)

    • 6 – Hero Carry (10km only)

    • 7 – Walk this Way (10km only)

    • 8 – Mudder Wheel Barrow (10km only)

    • 9 – Just the Tip (10km only)

    • 10 – Widows peak (10km only)

    • 11 – Electric Eel (10km only)

    • 12 – Hero Walls

    • 13 – Ladder to Hell

    • 14 – Devils Beard

    • 15 – Twinkle Toes

    • 16 – Cage Crawl

    • 17 – Texas Hold Em

    • 18 – Pyramid Scheme

    • 19 – Augustus Gloop

    • 20 – Arctic Enema

    • 21 – Mudder Horn

    • 22 – Everest

    • 23 – Electro Shock Therapy

Gallery from Tough Mudder Finsbury Park

Final Thoughts

WOW – what a start to the Tough Mudder UK season. I mentioned how muddy it was a Heaton Park – but this was something else due to the weather in the run up to the event – the weekend itself was dry, but the sodden ground and 8,000 people running through really did churn up the ground.

Some of the obstacles were “upgraded” – making it tougher, as already mentioned pyramid scheme and mudderhorn had their ledges removed. Everest had the smaller ledge removed and Electro Shock therapy had amany more electric wires whilst also being in a pool of water (was removed for Sunday)

Definitely a fantastic start to the Tough Mudder 2023 season and its a great sign of things to come!

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