Rood Rampage 2023

Rood Rampage was bought and resurrected for 2023 by DB-Max OCR Events. As it was a new entry to the UK OCR Series, I was fortunate enough to be invited to test out the course along with fellow “Whos Hot?” presenter – Becky Neal and Elite Racer, Das Gonnela

Based near Trowbridge, Rood Rampage pulls from the South West of England, whilst also being relaitvely easy for those based towards London due to its very close proximity off the M4.

The course itself was around 4.5 miles for the open runners, whilst the UKOCR Series / competative wave (first wave of the day) consisted of two laps.

Relatively flat with a few undulations, much of the running was fast – much through fields, however the race director made great use of the woodland trails and water. Indeed, one of the streams was used to become a VERY muddy bog (awesome!).

Obstacles were varied – including walls, monkey bars, lake crossing. Nothing too technical, but definitely taxing. Some interesting obstacles included a large inflatable see saw, cage of inflatable balls and balance beams. Personally, not enough balance beams in obstacle racing – such a simple obstacle but defintiely a levelling challenge for all

The final “gauntlet” of obstacles were in the event village for supporters and spectators to watch and cheer on. And in a really nice touch (Ive not seen this before) is the finish line MC had a laptop to call out those near the finish (there was a timing mat as competitors came into the village).

Parking was easy and a very short walk to the main village which itself was small but perfectly formed. Registration was a breeze and then you were welcomed by a number of food vendors – great for that post race snack! A small area to leave your bag if required (I left mine in the car)

Rood Rampage 2023 YouTube Video

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Rood Rampage final thoughts

Loved it!

There are very few indepedent OCR races now and especially so in the South West and really deserves to bewell supported.

Really fun obstacles (love the see saw) and the finish line MC was a really nice touch.

Could have done with a few more marshals and a better wash up area (people finished VERY muddy). I walked down to the lake with others to wash off rather than queue up for the one tap. However these are just really small grumbles which can easily be overcome once the race returns next year.

If you’re local, you really need to go. If you’re not local, dont worry – make a weekend of it (30 minutes from Bath or 45 minutes from Bristol) and enjoy what the South West has to offer!

Check out the Rood Rampage website for when details of the 2024 race is open for entry

Wil Chung