Overload OCR race review

Overload OCR was a brand from 2015 and has made a return in 2017. Whilst the name and location (Brailsford, Derbyshire) remained the same, the Race team, course and obstacles were very different and so much more for the better. I returned too, bringing work colleagues for their first taste muddy fun of OCR.

SoloMudders Start

SoloMudders Start

Finding the site was easy, plenty of signage and coming across the brow of the hill, the village was easy to spot. Car parking was fine (£5) whilst the registration team were friendly and swift. All signed in and given the finished shirt, we were ready for the muddy fun. After the traditional SoloMudder JaegarBomb of course…

The course was around 6km in distance and definitely one of two halves. The first was obstacle heavy, lots of walls, carries (cone, water carrier and fence stand) and monkey bars – one was a part of a rig and the second was shaped as a W. Mostly encased in one field, with many switch backs. Really useful for the spectators and much more interesting than just running around the side of a field.

The second half of the course was much muddy with fewer obstacles. However it did include a tyre carry for around 1km, switch backs over a muddy swamp and a water filled tunnel filled by a natural iron spring. The last part of the section included a fun water section – a water slide into a 5ft deep trench followed by a series of dunks and finally a crawl up through a pipe. This trench was also filled by a natural spring, so especially cold!

The very final section was a cruel/fun part with a barrel carry, skipping rope, sack race and hoola hoop throw. Sack race really does take it out of you, whilst my newbies said it was cruel to be so close to the finish without actually finishing!

Over for a second lap to repeat the fun again. The finish line beckoned after just over 12km along with a finishing photo.

Overall, a fun course, not to “runny” with a good use of switchbacks which made the majority of the course spectator friendly. The village was small, but perfectly formed – a few sponsors selling their wares along with a bar, coffee van and hog roast.

The race was £35  (£5 parking) and included a tech vest – great to have something different than a t-shirt and free photos. The race deserves a larger audience and I will be back again once they announce the next race date.

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