Overload Obstacle Run 2021

One of few independent obstacle races I have run in 2021, Overload Obstacle run was a really enjoyable race. The 5km lap was full of fun, challenging and downright muddy obstacles, whilst you have the ability to run as many laps as you can fit in within the time limit all at no extra cost! Check out the Youtube video, I managed to capture all the obstacles on a really bright and sunny day in Ashbourne, Derbyshire.

Overload Obstacle Run 2021 YouTube video


The 5km lap is pefect for the newbies – a mix of terrain (relatively flat, but use of natural streams, boggy areas and runnable trail means that they’re not overwhelmed by the distance. The sheer range of osbtacles too makes it a lot of fun, some very easy and fun obstacles – hoopla, water slides and so on, along with some more challenging obstacles like the car wash and multi-rig for those wanting an extra challenge.

There is a competative wave (2 laps to time) as well as the option to run as many laps within the time limit for participants wanting more of a challenge.

A small event village (cold showers available) had the land-owner farmer selling his organically bred meats by the pack, or even hot off the grill

Overload obstacle race 2021 Truly an independent obstacle race which deserves a larger audience thanks to its range of obstacles and challenges for all type of obstacle runner, from the newbie to the competative racer.

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