Long Term Review of the 361 Europe Centauri


I’ve been running in the 361 Europe Centauri for 5 months now and have put over 400km on them. Overall, I’m very impressed with them. They’re a great all-around running shoe that’s comfortable, responsive, and durable. 

In the words of 361 Europe – “Designed from the ground up, this latest addition to our Neutral running shoe range has been made for all-day performance.”


The Centauri has a lightweight and breathable upper that’s made of a combination of mesh and synthetic materials. It’s very comfortable and doesn’t cause any hot spots or blisters. The fit is also very good. I went with my usual size and it’s spot on.

The midsole is made of 361’s signature “Engage” Energy Foam, which is very responsive and provides a good amount of cushioning. The overall stack height is now higher than any previous 361 Europe shoes as is the current trend of running trainers. It’s not the softest shoe out there, but it’s not too firm either. It’s a good balance of both which is great for the “every man” who runs various distances and paces. 

For the technical specs, check out the 361 Europe Centauri web page.

Overall, I’m very impressed with the 361 Centauri. It’s a great all-around running shoe that’s really comfortable and durable. Currently I am torn between running in the Centauri and the new Spire 5 which is really saying something about them, as the Spire model has been my favourite 361 Europe shoe ever since I have started running in them!

I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a new running shoe who needs something that copes with a large range of distances from 5km to Marathon.


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Wil Chung