7 reasons why you should do your first Tough Mudder

Tough Mudder is one of the most well known and popular obstacle course race series in the UK. Each race weekend attracts over 15,000 runners taking on the course. Here is my list of 7 reasons why you should do your first Tough Mudder:

  1. Six different races series to suit everyone.
    1. The “classic” “Full” course of around 10 miles is the main challenge – 20+ obstacles including some of the best known including ElectroShock Therapy (running through a gauntlet of 10,000 volt wires), Everest (tall quarter pipe) and Arctic Enema (dunk into an ice bath).
    2. “Half” is ran on the same course as the full, however is around 5 miles and around 15 obstacles, removing some of the more “challenging” obstacles  like Arctic Enema which may have put some runners off previously.
    3. Tougher Mudder – for the competitive OCR enthusiasts, this is a chip timed first wave of the Full course. All obstacles to be completed (with penalty loops for failure). Due to the team work nature of some obstacles (Pyramid Scheme for example) some are modified to be completed individually. Prize money for the top three competitors.
    4. Toughest Mudder – An 8 hour overnight obstacle race starting at midnight. A 5 mile course, a hybrid of the half and full, with competitors completing as many laps as they can within the 8 hour limit. Only 3 course are in Europe with a number in North America.
    5. World’s Toughest Mudder – A 24-hour obstacle race base in America (Atlanta, GA in 2018). The ultimate test in endurance obstacle racing.
    6. City 5km – New for 2018, the new series removes the water and mud and have venues in City Parks, allowing for participants to go home “clean”. Promises to be the “gateway” drug for those brand new to obstacle course running and to the rest of the Tough Mudder Series
  2. Locations across the UK
    With so many race series, comes various venues. Scotland, Ireland, North West, Midlands and South all have venues, whilst the new 5km series introduces Edinburgh, Manchester, Bristol and 2 locations in London. The Tough Mudder Season starts in April and ends in October
  3. Innovative obstacles
    Tough Mudder have a great repertoire of obstacles meaning that each course around the country is somewhat different, even with some of the “headline” obstacles such as Pyramid Scheme, Arctic Enema, Everest and BlockNess Monster. However, Tough Mudder do not rest on their laurels and new obstacles are released each year. in 2017 August Gloop and Stage 5 Clinger was brought to the masses, whilst this year Kong Infinity and Happy Ending are brought to the party.
  4. Team Work Challenge
    Unlike the majority of Obstacle Courses, Tough Mudder is set up to be a team challenge. Some of the obstacles are nigh on impossible to complete as an individual. So bring your team along to work together and complete the course. If you run solo, there are plenty of participants willing to lend you a hand if necessary.

    Tough Mudder South West Mud Mile 1

    Tough Mudder South West Mud Mile 1

  5. Epic Photos
    At every course there are a number of obstacles that have the photographer. Pose it out with your team or alone and get an epic profile picture! In the UK there were usually 3 obstacles and the finish covered by a photographer.
  6. Awesome  Finishers’ Swag
    OK, so there isn’t a medal – Tough Mudder like to be different, so there’s headbands to collect. Different colours for different races and also the number of Tough Mudders one has completed. As well as the headbands, you get a T shirt (great quality and fantastic for the gym) Kingstone Press cider, protein shake, and nutrition bar. Obviously this changes from year to year dependent on the sponsor, but there are a lot of goodies to be had.
  7. Great Value for money
    Tough Mudder isn’t the cheapest race – I get that. However, the level of obstacles, organisation and event village really does make it great value for money. You can certainly pay £50 for a 10 mile race with an independent race series but you’re very likely to get a “rig” lots of hay bales and a large number of fences to climb over and nets to crawl under. For a few quid more, you will get the largest, most fun obstacles that you can lay your hand on.

These are my top seven reasons to do a Tough Mudder.

Tough Mudder 2020 discount

Inspired to do your first Tough Mudder? Use the code BRAND20UK9790 at checkout to qualify for £10 off. This discount is for 2020 races only and for those that have never done a Tough Mudder before.

And if you want to take your Tough Mudder experience to the next level, you can take on Toughest Mudder (12 hour) or World’s Toughest Mudder (24 hour) and get a discount from me.

Use the code BRAND20UKRS2281 at checkout to qualify for £20 off. To qualify you should not have done a Toughest Mudder or World’s Toughest Mudder before (but you may have done a Tough Mudder already!)

I’ve purchased a season pass this year and will be at all the venues across the UK. See you in the mud!

Tough Mudder north west finish Line

Tough Mudder north west finish Line

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