7 reasons why you should do Rat Race’s Runstock 2020

This year was my second Rat Race Runstock and once again loved the event. I first took part last year (read my review) and loved it again in 2019 despite the awful weather. I’m already looking forward to Runstock 2020. Here are my 7 reasons why you should be excited too!

  1. Family friendly – everything about Runstock is family friendly and set up for children of all ages to take part.
  2. Camping – various types of camping and glamping is available for families and groups to set up from Friday through to Sunday. Whether you want to “pitch and park”, upgrade to “glamping” or just set up your tent in the main area, the camping village comes with proper toilets and warm showers.
  3. Entertainment and activities – the whole weekend has activities for all. Some of the activities for children are extra cost, but there is still many things to do as part of the entrance ticket. For adults there is the beer tent with live music and a DJ.
  4. 5km loops – A very family friendly 5km loop with minimal elevation through the course allows for everyone to complete one lap. The trail is usually over grass path with some very light woodland trail. Not a technical challenge, but easy and fun for all
  5. The Challenge – But for those wanting the challenge, the event is set up over 8 hours. Participants are encouraged to complete as many laps as they want, with the added “ultra” of 50km (10 laps) or aim for a course record of 90km within the time limit.
  6. Obstacles – continuing the family friendly theme, the obstacles are a lot of fun, water slides, inflatables and air bag are just some of the fun obstacles to complete. All of them are completely optional, so if you’re on for a particular distance target, you may leave the obstacles to later in the day.
  7. Swag – all participants get a t shirt and medal. The additional swag comes in rubber wristbands – a different colour for each lap completed.
Rat Race Runstock 2019 – one lap recap

And a couple of reasons why you may think twice

  1. Cost – Unfortunately, the run isn’t cheap. I booked it “early bird” and as a group of 10 and even then it was £42. However, on top of that there are the “extras” – Camping (per person) £25, parking – £10, Ultra upgrade (for a fancy medal, transition area and exclusive vest) £25, photos – from £14
  2. Weather dependent – this does sound obvious, but how much fun you and the family may have is very dependent on the weather. This year it was horrendous, and most of the children’s activities were closed for the full day – some people had pre-paid an activity pass which seems to have gone to waste. Unfortunately the main tent was full of cold runners and spectators and the kids had very little to do

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